Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Madeline's Graduation

Yesterday, I did a quick post with a picture of a few ingredients I was using to make some graduation treats for Madeline's class. 
Well, here is a picture of the finished product:
I put these on sticks for the students (we wrapped them up and tied pretty ribbons around them and attached a note from Madeline)
and then I put some caps on pre-made cupcakes for the family to enjoy after dinner: 
Click HERE to head over to my recipe blog and see the step by step =)

SO, last night was Madeline's graduation from 3yr old pre-school.  She has loved her school so much and has made some wonderful memories and wonderful friends!  I am excited that a few of her friends will be going to school with her again in the fall. 

Here are a few pictures from graduation:
Madeline leading her class in.

Such a serious look on her face :)

Singing one of the songs.

Singing one of her faves: Tootie Ta

A picture with mommy before we went to eat with the family.

Time for presents =)

A barbie from bubba!  I love her silly face here!!

Madeline and Meme

Madeline and Pops

Madeline and Granna

Madeline and Nana and Granddaddy

A picture with my pre-school proud of all she has learned this year!!! 

And of course, I must take a picture with my handsome little man!

Below are a couple videos from graduation.  Be sure to pause the music player at the bottom so you can hear.

Madeline's class singing "I'm in the Lord's Army"

Madeline receiving her graduation certificate.  Ms. Suzy asked Madeline what she wants to be when she grows up...her reply  : "A princess"  Well, sweet girl, you are well on your way to that ;)  after that, Ms. Suzy said a sweet little comment about each child.  I love what she said about Madeline.  (may have to have volume kinda loud to hear it)

One graduation down and Jackson's next week.  I am loving this time of the year! 



Shelly said...

Such a great idea of the graduation cap treats on the cupcakes. And the photos of Madeline's graduation are too cute. Congrats to her!

The Allen Family said...

what a sweet, sweet comment from ms. suzy... that's gotta make a momma smile :) a wonderful reflection of what you have being teaching them at home!!!

Crystal said...

Cute cupcakes and treats!! And precious pictures! She's a beautiful little girl!

Christina said...

She's beautiful. I enjoyed the pics and videos. Cupcakes look yummy.

Tonya said...

Looks like you all had a great time! You were so creative with those sweet treats. I bet they were good!

Julie said...

Those cupcakes are so cute! Congrats to your little graduate :)