Friday, May 27, 2011

Jack's End Of The Year Program

Jack had his End of The Year program yesterday.  I now officially have a 1st goodness.
The program was so cute.  The classes did a great job!  
Below are some pictures of Jack's big day:
Jack and his buddy Wade singing some of their songs.  Jack and Wade are on All Stars together, he is such a sweet little boy

Jack walking up to his principal to get his certificate.

Jack and his teacher....have I mentioned I want her to move up with him every year???  ;)

Jack with Pops and Granna

Jack and Meme

My little sweeties!

Big smiles from my sweet young man!!!

Time to read cards ;)

I love these little kids!!!

We went out to eat at our favorite Japanese restaurant (Jack's pick of course)...the only thing missing was daddy.  We sure did miss him yesterday.  My day started off pretty hard...hard because I was missing J and just having a little sadness about wishing J could be there with us, but you can not stay sad too long with these 2 little sweethearts around...nothing makes me happier than listening to them and their deep belly laughs they were having while watching the chef cook.

Below is a little video of Jack doing his speaking part.  In case you have a hard time hearing him, he says "O is for obstacles we learned to overcome."

So, it's officially summer here!  What's every one's plans???  Ours will be filled with All-Stars and preparing for R&R then finally R&R...=)



Photina said...

How precious! Yay for having a 1st grader. My oldest will soon be there too. :-)

Nancy said...

Way to go, Jack!!
I can't believe he is going in the 1st grade. Time flies with our babies! One of my plans is to see you, my friend! Love you!

Christina said...

Video clip was adorable and I could hear him just fine. How fast the time goes. Congratulations to Jack and I will be praying for a great year ahead in first grade.

Sorry to hear that you were feeling down about missing your hubby, but you know I know the feeling. It's true though, the kids put smiles right back on our faces. What a blessing they are.