Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Countdown Chain

After the kids have repeatedly asked me "when is daddy coming home,mommy", and  by repeatedly, I mean over and over and over, I decided to go ahead and make them each a countdown chain for their bedrooms.  This chain is just counting down till daddy comes home for R&R, but they love waking up each morning and taking a link off their chain.  The chain has managed to cut down (somewhat) on the repeated questions. 
Madeline standing next to the chain in her room:

Madeline taking a link off her chain:

Jack standing next to his chain:

Jack taking a link off his chain:

So, how do you help your children countdown?



Nancy said...

Good idea, are so creative.
You deserve a countdown in pedicures or massages! :)

Our Little Fam said...

That is such a great idea! Your kids are adorable!

New follower

Shelly said...

We did a chain for R & R, but my oldest was still a bit too young to grasp it. I think it is a great idea for kids though. And I love that yours are red, white, and blue.

Anonymous said...

Love this idea!!! I know they are going to be so excited to see the chain get smaller and smaller! Can you imagine their faces when the last one comes off!!! Precious children! :)