Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the greatest Daddy in the world!!!

Jason and Jackson (about 4 months old) Can not believe this little cutie is about to be 7 yrs old.

Jason and Madeline (about 4 months old) Hard to believe this sweetie is 4 1/2 yrs. old (yes, we make chunky babies)

walking on the beach with daddy on vacation last year

We sent Jason a Father's Day care package:
we decorated the inside with cut out trophies because daddy is #1

I let the kids pick out their own presents for daddy...they loved doing this!  Everyone needs glow in the dark hand clappers and huge pink sunglasses, right???

Then we made 2 pillowcases with pictures of the kids on them:

Jack decorating his pillowcase

Madi decorating her pillowcase

We miss Jason a lot and hope that he enjoys his Father's Day as much as possible!!! 



Lucy said...

That is a very neat care package. I know he will love it! :)

The Cibulas said...

Sweet post and precious memories! Love the care thoughtful. I know you are missing him!

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh - love the pictures!!
Look at those babies!! SOOO cute!
Hope you all have a great week!!

Our Little Fam said...

Great gift ideas!! Happy fathers day to him, cute pictures! :)

ShaRhonda said...

How creative you are! I just know the other men in his unit are JEALOUS of those pillow cases. I hope you doused them in your perfume before you sent them! ;-) You pictures are so cute. Those are healthy babies, you should be proud! Hugs and Prayers!

Holly said...

love the pillowcase idea! PRecious!!!

Christina said...

Great father's day tribute. What cute things your kid's picked out. I am sure they will put a smile on dad's face. Those glasses are funny, can you imagine him wearing those all day?

Tonya said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I love how you decorated the inside of the care package with the trophies You're so creative! I'll have to keep that in mind for future care packages...