Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Phone Call Changes Everything...

Ever heard the phrase "One phone call changes everything?"  Well my family has certainly experienced it this week.

My precious Aunt Phyllis...who is an absolute jewel...has become VERY sick.

Little background on my aunt:  She is in her 60s, is mentally handicapped and she lives in a group home for MR.  She is active, loves bowling, and LOVES to be on the go.  Just 2 days ago, she fell very ill and became non-responsive at which time she was transported by ambulance to the ER.  Once in the ER she remained non-responsive and was admitted into the hospital.  Things quickly turned worse and she was moved to ICU. Long story short, Aunt Phyllis is now on life support and currently being diagnosed with severe septic shock, acute renal failure ( my understanding is part of septic shock is it causes major organs to start shutting down), and pneumonia.  Her B.P. is starting to stabilize (somewhat) thanks to the meds they are administering for that.  It has been a rocky roller coaster the past 36 hours, but thankfully our faith is sustaining us...where would we be without it??? LOST I tell you!
We  have been here waiting for every visiting time so that we can pray over our girl and spend a little time with her.  We have been joined by several of the staff members at her group home and her caregivers.  They have been so precious.  We have been blessed with meals, visits,  snacks, and  phone calls/texts of encouragement.  I can tell you that we are so thankful for it all!

So yes, over the past 36 hours, I can tell you that one phone call can definitely change things....

If you would please, keep my Aunt in your prayers.  She is a fighter and she has a long road ahead of her.
Here is a picture of our girl...She makes me smile!:



Nancy said...

Oh Jessica! I wish I was close to you & I would come sit with you! Praying for your Aunt & your WHOLE family during this time. Please keep us posted.
Love you.

Lori said...

Jessica, I will remember you and your Aunt in my prayers. Stay strong and know that God has you in his hands.