Monday, June 11, 2012

Is It Already Time?

I CAN NOT believe it is already time for my baby girl to go to "big" school.

A little while back I registered Madeline for kindergarten

How did she go from this curly headed, chubby cheek baby:

To this 5 year old princess who is ready for school?

It is crazy to me... Both of my "babies" are now going to be at school..sigh...

I am excited though to watch them both move on to this next chapter in their lives. Madeline is so very excited to go to school. She would start today if she could. Good thing we have a couple more months because I do not think this momma is ready for that.

  As you know, I am a stay at home mom. Lately, I have been asked quite frequently what I am going to do now that both of my kids are going to be at school and I am "just" a stay at home mom. (yes, some people do put an emphasis on the "just" part) It is hard not to get on the defensive, but I have to remember that some people just do not understand and that is not their fault. Not only that but my conviction to stay at home is not everyone else's conviction. I try to explain that my role is no different. My children need me just as much now as they did before...just in a different capacity. No, they do not need me to feed, hold, clothe, change, etc them; but they still have needs. I can honestly say I am more busy now than I ever imagined I would be. I naively thought (daydreamed) in the toddler years that the school years were going to be so calm and easy...hehe....but I would not change it for anything.

This year I became certified by our state to be a sub teacher. I subbed a lot at the my sons school and I loved it. I enjoyed being in different classes. I enjoyed meeting the teachers and getting to know them better. I loved seeing Jack at school. It was a great experience and I have a whole new appreciation for the staff and teachers at school. I am very glad I got certified and look forward to being at the kids school again this school year. I am praying about what direction our family is heading in many changes are taking place...both kids will be at school and J is gearing up to leave for schools (read that post HERE). One thing I do not want to change is that I am home with my children. It is very important to me and J that I am home when the kids are home. I have so much on my mind (and heart) right now. I am really praying for guidance and instruction and that God will close the door on some things if it is not meant to happen. We shall see...I know that is so vague, but I hope to share more soon (:

Hope everyone has a great Monday!



Nancy said...

How can it be, Jess?
I can't believe how time flies.
Your beautiful girl is gonna be a star in Kindergarten!!!

Jessa said...

I'm still a SAHM and my children are going in to 4th and 6th grade. Every day off, sick day, holiday, etc I'm here. When they leave I'm here, when they get home I'm here too. It's is absolutely fabulous and I've enjoyed it.