Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jack Update

As you may know, our son has an eye condition known as Amblyopia. I have shared often about our journey with this eye condition. Amblyopia is also known as "lazy eye" (you can read more about amblyopia by clicking HERE)

Jack was officially diagnosed with Amblyopia when he was about 4 years old. It was a long journey to get the that took 2 years and 3 doctors. By the time we finally found the dr. who knew what was going on, Jack's vision in his "lazy eye" was really bad. We knew it was going to be a task getting his vision restored and eye strengthened, but we knew we could do it. It has taken nearly 4 years, 4 years of eye patching and multiple trips to the eye dr and lots of prayers, but it has been worth every bit of it. It was not always fun (or easy) .... I remember those days when Jack had to wear his patch over his "good eye" for 10 hours per day. I remember him having such a hard time seeing and needing me to hold his hand so he could walk. I remember the stares he would get when we were out in public (the momma in me would get so annoyed by people who the momma in me has tougher skin, but I do get annoyed when I see people take those goofy pictures crossing their eyes-do they not realize there are really people who suffer from a condition that they can not help or that so often when I take my sons picture, his eyes come out looking crossed-and not because he does it intentionally-I need to get tougher skin about this too, I know-but if you take these type of pictures, please stop because it hurts.) (:

About a month ago, Jack had his follow up appointment at the eye doctor. At Jack's previous appt. we received a GREAT report! You can read that post by clicking HERE We followed the dr.'s orders. We patched the eye for a couple months then no patching at all for a couple months. During those few months I watched Jack's eye. I did not notice any increase in turning in and never saw the eye turn in while Jack wore his glasses (this is VERY important, because if his eye turned in while wearing the glasses, he would need surgery) I also prayed a lot during this time. Praying specifically over his eye that God would continue to be faithful to heal Jack's eye. I was really looking forward to seeing our dr. and getting an update on the eye. The news was WONDERFUL! The vision in Jack's eye had stayed exactly the same! YAY! This was such great news especially since we had gone for so long with no patching. The best news of all....the dr. did not want to see us again for a year...a year! This is a huge accomplishment considering how often we were traveling to see him. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness.

Does this mean Jack is healed? No. His eye still turns in. Often. Especially if he is tired or focusing on something. But he does not have to wear an eye patch any longer. The dr. did say to continue watching his eye and if it appears worse to give him a call OR if his eye begins turning in while wearing his glasses then we are to call as well. If none of that happens...we return in a year. :) So, my prayer continues to be that Jack's eye will not get worse and his vision will maintain (or get better) and praises of thankfulness for the improvements we have seen take place.



Jenifer said...

Praying with you my friend! So excited to hear about his progress!!!

Kelly W said...

Thats wonderful!

Nancy said...

Beautiful pictures, Jess!
Praying he makes more progress & never has trouble with it later on. You are such a good Mommy getting things checked. :)