Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No More Setback - An Update

Yesterday we had our follow up appointment for Jack with the eye dr.  You may remember a few months ago Jack had an eye appt. and we were told of a minor setback with his vision/amblyopia - you can read the post HERE.  Over the last 3 months, we have been patching Jack's eye again daily for 2 hours in the hopes of strengthening Jack's eye muscle in his "lazy" eye and restoring the vision in that eye as well.  I have noticed that Jack's eye had been improving and so I was excited to get to the doctor and see just how much improvement would be made. 

I am happy to report that the eye patching has been successful!!!  YAY!!!  Jack's vision was better yesterday than it has ever been!  EVER!!  Not only was God faithful to restore the vision, He improved it!!! Improved it!!  Oh how can we not praise Him for this!?!   Even the doctor was sharing in our excitement.  He gave Jack like 4 high-5's!  He said it was the best news he had all day.  :)  The doctor asked Jack if he had been playing video games and told Jack that he could tell it was working.  ;)

So game plan now is cut down patching from 2 hours per day to just 1 hour for the next 2 months.  Then go for 2 months with no patching after which we will return to doctor to see how vision is doing.  Our hope (and prayer) is that the vision will continue to improve or stay the same.  We do not want to loose any.  So, we will be praying for continued healing of Jack's eye and no more setbacks.  Goodness, I am so excited for this great news and so thankful that God is so good to not only restore Jack's vision, but to improve it! 

After our appointment, we took the kids to the zoo to see the Christmas lights.  It was pretty and they had a lot of fun.  Their favorite part was the train ride.  We are really enjoying this Christmas season.  Below are some pictures of our trip to the zoo: (I had to use my iphone because of course the batteries were dead in the camera)



Julie @ Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life said...

That is great news about the eye!

Jami said...

That's awesome news! I wish i could go back in time and patch my lazy eye! Way to go mama for being so persistent and consistent with the patch!
I love the last two pictures....sorry Jess, but Madi is clearly a Bama fan at heart. Give it up. Haha! Love you!

Nancy said...

YAY! What a blessing for Jackson! I love seeing you 4 together as a family!
MERRY CHRISTMAS to one of the cutest families in life!

Theron Bostic said...

This story is an inspiration.