Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas - Visiting Family

We have had a really busy but really great Christmas!  I don't even know where to begin to describe how thankful I am this year to have my husband and my brother home.  I felt so complete this year...much, much different than last year. 

We were able to travel to visit my grandmothers and spend time with our family in TN.  I am so glad we were able to go and enjoy a wonderful Christmas with all of them. 
I wanted to share some pictures of our Christmas visiting family.

First up we had Christmas with my Mamaw Carmela.  My uncle and his wife hosted at their house.  We always have so much fun there and eat way too much! (yea..I have blown the diet big time!)
Here is Jack...can you tell how excited he was to open presents? ;)

Madeline waiting patiently to open her presents:

Jack was so excited to get the nerf set!  He and cousin Michael had A LOT of fun with this!

Madeline loves American Girl Dolls.  She got another Marie Grace and the party dress she has been asking for!  She has not let these dolls out of her sight. 

This is my Mamaw Carmela.  Jason brought our grandmothers back a beautiful silk scarf each from Afghanistan.  They were special treats!

Next stop was Christmas at Mamaw Beth's house.  This was our 2nd Christmas since my grand-daddy passed.  He was missed a lot...a few tears were shed, but we are all so grateful to know he is no longer suffering and we will be with him one day and be able to worship our King together on His birthday.

Here is a picture of the grandkids.  Technically I am a grandchild and should be in this picture...don't you think I would look a little out a place as a 30 something year old in this picture??? ha!

Madeline was excited to open some more presents.  She got some more great things!

Jack was ready to see what he got too.

My little sweeties:

Jack and Mamaw Beth:

Jason and Mamaw Beth.  She loved her scarf. 

I love my Mamaw Beth!  She is a precious woman and who has influenced my life so much. 

Next stop was Christmas with my dad and his family.

The kids got to help make breakfast.  Pancakes and waffles, yum!

My brothers Kevin, Chase, and the kiddos:

Jack checking out his gifts:

Madeline excited for a new cinderella carriage:

My dad and me:

The kids with granddaddy:

My brother Kevin, me, and my brother Chase:

J, Jack, and me....wasn't it so sweet of J to get dressed up for the occasion???  sheesshhh...I am just glad he came out of the woods for a little while, lol ;)

That was all the stops we made before Christmas.  Next post I will share Christmas day - complete with Santa, my mom and my in-laws. 

Oh and I know it is a little late, but here is our Christmas card that we sent out this year:

I do hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


Nancy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I am so glad, my friend!
I ate way too much, too!! But it was fun & good!

Julie @ Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life said...

Looks like a nice Christmas! You have a wonderful family :)