Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Christmas Day

Our Christmas Day started VERY early (630am) after going to bed just a few hours before (no exaggerating)  ahhh but isn't that what it is all about it?

So on with the pictures...the many pictures...

Starting the morning off by checking out what Santa left in the stockings. 
Jack got a wrestling man:

Madeline with her stocking:

On Christmas Eve, Jack lost a tooth.  He was so excited to get visited by Santa and the Tooth Fairy!  Talk about lucky huh? all his mischievousness, Dan the Elf took Jack's tooth fairy money and left Jack a note telling Jack to come find him.  hehe  Jack found Dan in the stockings with the his money.

Madeline's presents a bike and gifts wrapped in Dora paper per her request ;)

Jack's presents: a baksetball goal and his presents wrapped in transformers paper:

Santa left the kids a gift they could both enjoy...a trampoline!  We have all really enjoyed this toy! 

Jack got a wrestling ring:

Madeline got a tea cart:

Me and my little christmas sweeties:

J and his 2 favorite people:

Daddy got a new part for his bike:

And an apple tv:

Mommy got a new camera!  YAY!!!  I am so excited to try out this new baby!  To be honest, I am a little overwhelmed by all the "stuff" on it, lol.  I am going to take a photography class though so I can be better accustomed to it. 

I also got some hot new boots!  My hubby did such a GREAT job picking these out all on his own!

My precious mom made Madi and I matching scarfs! 

Mom also gave our family the xbox!  We have had SOOOOO much fun with this game!

I made a big ol breakfast complete with french toast casserole, grits and sausage casserole, doughnut holes, fruit with dip, pigs in a blanket, brownies made to look like Santa hats (thank you pinterest) and sausage links.  It was a lot of food but o so good.  Can we say diet went out the window???

I set up the dining room table for us.  My mom, my brother, and our friend Justin all joined us.  My in-laws came after church for snacks (we had lots of snacks too)

Jason got both of the kids a special gift from him.

J got Jack a bb gun...who can guess how many times I have heard "you'll shoot your eye out kid!" ...way too many times

J teaching Jack about the gun:

J got Madi a doll that she can play with her hair and put make up on...does she not look fantastic???

In the evening we ventured over to my in-laws for dinner.  We had a wonderful dinner of steaks and all the fixings.  It was perfect and the kids were still in their pj's...does not get much better than that huh?

Jack was so tired he did not even realize we were opening presents:

Madeline helped Granna pass out gifts: (mommy and daddy got a great new video camera! yay!)

and Pops...well Pops was having a little fun with the dress up hair that Uncle Zach gave Madeline.  (= lol
hope you don't mind me sharing this Pops.

We had a truly wonderful Christmas...I felt so blessed having my whole family together.  The huge void I felt last year, I did not feel this year.  It was perfect in every way. 



Our Little Fam said...

Great pictures! Jealous of your new camera, sounds like everyone had a great time! Most importantly I am so glad you were all together.

The Allen Family said...

looks like a wonderful christmas :)

i love the cowboy boots j got you... do you know where he got them?

Jessica said...

Layne- he got them at Sweet Peas :) I love that store!