Thursday, December 1, 2011

A few weeks ago, my mom, Madeline and I traveled to my grandmother's to spend the weekend with her and honor her on her 75th birthday.  (Jack had basketball try-outs so he and J were not able to go with us)

For my grandmother's birthday our family celebrated all weekend.  My aunt and uncle cooked a big meal on Friday evening and we all gathered at their house to eat and hang out by the fire pit.  It was so good to all spend time together and even my mamaw Beth joined us and I loved spending time with her.  The next morning we all got ready for a day full of fun.  We surprised my grandmother with a limo which arrived at her house.  The limo took us to a photographers studio where we had family pictures made.  (We had group pictures, pictures of my grandmother with her children, pictures of my grandmother with her grandchildren, we also did a generational picture of my grandmother, my mom, me and Madeline - 4 generations, and a picture of my grandmother by herself so she could send it to her family in Italy) The pictures turned out so good!  From there we loaded back into the limo and took a little tour of the downtown area and then headed to a lovely restaurant where we all stuffed ourselves till we hurt, lol.  Luckily we were able to load back into the limo and let the driver take us back to my grandmothers house ;)  We all had so much fun and I know my grandmother loved having her family with her to celebrate her big day.  Madeline's favorite part was riding in  the limo-of course it was, she is a princess hehe ;)

Below are some pictures I took of our adventures:

Me and Madeline waiting on the limo to arrive to take us to our pictures:

another picture of me and my little princess:

My mom (meme) and Madeline:

My aunt Maura and me:

Madeline, Meme, and my cousin Michael getting into the limo:

My cousin J.Cole and my grandmother:

My grandmother, Madeline, and Meme ready for the ride in the limo:

Just me:

Toasting (with Mt. Dew):

My precious grandmother and me:



Nancy said...

How neat, Jessica! Can't wait to see the pictures!

ShaRhonda @ The 4- Crow's said...

Beautiful!!! I love the Mt. Dew toasts!!!