Friday, October 12, 2012

Has It Really Been A Year?

So I was looking through my facebook timeline the other night and something caught my status from Oct.13, 2011 (almost one year ago)

Here is my status:
Let's do this!!! The caravan of army wives is on a mission so don't get in our way ;)"
I posted that status at the very wee hours of that year ago.  As I sit here this morning reflecting on that morning I have such a huge smile on my face.  Our 3rd deployment was finally coming to an end.  15 months of worry, fear, anxiety, depression, sadness, was all coming to an end and my handsome husband would finally, by the grace of God, be back in my arms.  What a glorious day! 
That morning was much like this morning...cold and rainy.  I met up with 2 other army wives for a time of prayer before we got on the road to begin our journey to Camp Shelby. All 3 of us were beaming with excitement and anticipation.  There is no other feeling quite like the feeling you get as you anticipate the reunion with your soldier.  I remember my phone going off constantly with texts, phone calls and fb notifications from all of our sweet friends sharing in our excitement.  I remember my precious friend Melissa updating the blog for me as she has done for our previous homecoming.  You can read that post HERE. 
Fast forward several (long) hours of waiting and it was FINALLY time to get my man!  I was sitting at dinner with 2 friends when my phone (that never left my side) was J!  He was calling to let me know his plane landed and he would see me in less than 2 hours....I wish we would've had a camera on us....rushing back to the hotel getting "gussied up" for our men.  Making all the phone calls letting everyone know details about where to meet to see their soldiers (since we were the FRG officers)  How we accomplished all we did and still make it on time was a miracle in of I said I wish we had cameras on us for it was surely a great laugh.  You can read my quick update about that night HERE and also the more detailed version HERE  

Here is a picture of my hero and me just after he stepped off the bus! 

Here is our picture from the awards dinner that was held a couple nights later:

I still can not believe it has already been a year....a year since our 3rd deployment finally ended.  Also can not believe that we already know of the 4th deployment...but I can not let myself think about that right now.  Instead I am just going to enjoy the fact that my soldier is home right now :)



Nancy said...

Oh Jess!!I don't want him to have to go again!
I adore you both!

Jhona O. said...

Praying for you as you treasure the time you have together and prepare for the next deployment.