Saturday, October 15, 2011


Just wanted to update real quick that I GOT MY MAN!!! 

I have been on cloud nine the past couple days and do not see myself coming down for a while.  The past couple of days have been really busy with FRG stuff as we prepare for the big awards dinner tonight.  I am looking forward to this event.

I appreciate all the calls, messages, comments, emails, texts, etc. over the last couple days.  If I have not responded to you, please understand...I will...eventually :)

A huge thank you to my precious friend Melissa for updating the blog for me Thursday.  Melissa- honey, you had me in tears and laughing at the same time! (only you!) thanks so much!!

So here are a couple of pictures of my man and me taken right after he stepped off the bus.  Bless his heart flying for 24 hours he was so tired.  I am so glad he is home (well...almost home but at least on US soil)  I am so grateful to the Lord that He brought my husband home to me and so thankful for the protection that He placed on my husband as well as the entire unit. 

Here are the pictures:

Now I must go get ready for this dinner!  More pictures to come of all the events over the last couple days and of course from tonight.



Nancy said...

Yay!! Can't wait to see the pic's!

Shelly said...

I am so happy for you!!! I love the photos.

Jami said...

So thankful he is safe and sound! Y'all have fun and hurry home!

Melissa said...

You are so welcome girl!! He does look tired, so glad he has some time to rest now! You look awesome and I'm looking forward to more pics.

Karren said...

I'm so happy for y'all! Praise God that he made it home safely!!

ShaRhonda said...

Yay! PTL he is home- back on U.S. soil! I am so happy for your family. I can't wait to read/see the rest of the stories...especially the homecoming with the kids! Love you!

The Allen Family said...

yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a blessing!

Barb said...

So happy for you both. Love the pictures, looking forward to seeing more!