Sunday, October 2, 2011

So what do you do??

So what do you do when deployment is winding down???
You help a friend make welcome home signs!

This is me helping my friend, Kim, make signs for her hubby's homecoming (our husbands are in the same unit and will be coming home at the same time):

This is Kim.  We have been through 3 deployments together. Though I would never wish deployment on anyone, its awesome having someone else going through a deployment who gets it.  So thankful that God has allowed our paths to cross.  Don't know what I would do without all the awesome friends(military and non-military) in my life...

Of course, Kim may not ever want me to help her with signs again.  I had a little oopsie with the glitter glue.  I may have shook it a little too hard and the cap may have busted off and into a huge glob on the poster...oops!  I told her this poster better be front and center anyway, lol.

So what do you do when deployment is winding down?
You find the perfect dress for the Welcome Home Dinner and Ceremony ... or in my case you buy 4 dresses!  Yes, I bought 4 dresses.  I would feel ok in the dress...get it home...and change my mind.  I am struggling with my self image.  Who knew that loosing over 35 pounds would do this.  I still see myself at my heaviest.   Anyone else do this?  Surely I am not the only one.  I know I have frustrated my friends with the countless fashion shows and questions of "Are you sure my butt does not need a flashing caution light on it?"  "Are you sure my tummy is not poking out?" 
Anyway...I returned 3 dresses.  Then set out once again to find the dress.  I went alone this time.  I tortured the poor girl in the store though.  She probably had no idea what hit her.  But I bought the dress I will wear.  I can not return it.  It was so deeply discounted that it had a no return no exchange policy.  It is my dress.  I would love to share a picture, but I am waiting until the Welcome Home Dinner and Ceremony to surprise my honey.  I have never worn anything like this.  I wonder what he will think???  :) 

So what do you do when deployment is winding down???
Buy a pair of AWESOME shoes to go with the dress!  I have loved these shoes since the moment I laid eyes on them!  They are adorable and fun and sparkly and add that bit of color I need to go with my dress :)  I can not wait to wear them!!  Yes, I will be a foot taller than Jason, but I just could not resist these shoes.   

So what do you do when deployment is winding down?
I am on a mad cleaning washing walls and baseboards, cleaning out drawers and closets.  Up next...outside.  I have most of my fall decor outside up.  Gotta plant some flowers, get some pumpkins, and add some pine straw.  Then I need to decorate inside.  I usually already have this done, but with all the stuff going on lately I have not been able to get to it.  We have been so busy.  With activities, school, appointments, and as FRG Co-leader of my hubby unit, I have been busy planning the Welcome Home Dinner and Awards Ceremony...and that has seriously been a full time job that thankfully I have not done alone.  It is going to be a grand that this unit seriously has earned.  I am looking forward to it and looking forward to seeing the soldiers and their families.  yay!  Our deployment is almost over!!!

So what do you do when deployment is winding down?
you count trash in the number of trash days left until hubby is back on US tummy is turning flips thinking about that number!

So what do you do when deployment is winding down?
you have suitcases packed...I need to get on this.  I need to figure out what I need to pack so that when I get the call, I will be ready to go!  That's the downfall of being in the reserves...there is no base around us for the unit to de-mob at.  Each time we have had to drive a good ways to "meet the buses" (as we call it)- oh mess, I just realized I need to pick out my "meet the bus" outfit...maybe this will be easier I have 3 to choose from, ha!  Got to get on that.

As you can see, my mind is in a million places.  Which is why the blog has been neglected.  Which is why if I have not returned an email or phone call, please do not take it personally...I am just really busy right now and my mind is all over the place.  I told my friend Melissa the other day I should come with a warning sign...proceed with caution. hehe...hopefully it is not that bad-ok who am I kidding.  :)

I will try to update soon...there are some things I want to share.  Some things I need to share.  I know there are a lot of questions right now being asked about me...most are not being asked directly to me so I would just like to clarify and clear up anything that others may be wondering or assuming.  No big deal...I just have not had the time to sit down and really share my heart.  I will though...soon.  :)

Until then, hope everyone is doing well and having a great weekend!  I am off to play dress up in those 3 outfits and clean baseboards, lol...such a glamorous life I live huh??



Nancy said...

No matter the outfit, you will be beautiful & you always pick the right one! I love those shoes! HOW FUN!!!
I'm so excited for you & YES!! Let's lunch soon!!
Call me if you get a chance next week (not sure when you will be with your hubby though, so whenever you can!!)
Can't wait to see the welcome home pics!!!

Amy said...

Bought my outfit on Friday!!!!! (And I got some kickin' shoes to go with it, too! LOL.)
Suitcase is on the floor beside the bed waiting to be loaded up.
Hired someone to come this week and work in the yard. Need to find someone to and work in my house, though! ;-/ (Working full time puts a cramp in housecleaning. Hahaha!)

Oh, don't forget to get your nails done!!!
So excited for us ALL! :o)

Mahala said...

So happy that you will be seeing your honey soon. :-)

The Allen Family said...

what an exciting time! so glad the countdown is almost over and jason will be home soon!!

ShaRhonda said...

I can't wait any longer for you!!! Fun shoes and who cares about that glitter glob on the poster! Hugs and Prayers my friend! Love you!