Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting Ready

The days are winding down...YAY!

THE day is getting soooo close....YAY!!!

I had a very productive weekend...YAY!!

I got a lot done....YAY!!!

Only a few things left to do...YAY!!

(Ok, sorry for all the YAY's, but I am just one excited excited that sleep is no where on my radar, lol)

I am in full "get ready" mode.  I am trying to have everything done so I am not stressing the last minute.  (ok, who am I kidding, I will probably be stressing anyway...hehe)

My precious neighbor, Jill, came over yesterday and made me get my act together.  After she folded all my laundry (and that was a task) she helped me go through my clothes and decide what was going in the suitcase.  I would still be looking at my clothes contemplating what I wanted to bring. I am so glad to have that task done :) 
I am a shoe girl.  I buy shoes and then I buy outfits to match the shoes.  I love shoes.  My saying about shoes is that they are faithful.  No matter how much weight you gain or loose, your shoes will always fit.  ;)  So...I have an entire suitcase of nothing but shoes.  I have my new prizes in the box and I found another new pair while shopping this weekend for $7!  Then I have a few more pairs in there for other outfits and of course the tennis shoes because I must continue exercising.  I am afraid I may want to pack a couple more pairs.  Jill said she did not have to sit on the suitcase to close it so we can possibly get a little more in there, lol.

Another step in the getting ready process was to get our toes "prettied up"  So, yesterday I along with 3 other military wives went to get a pedicure.  It was so relaxing and fun.  I think we each took our turns squealing like high school girls, lol.  I took a few pictures of us before my camera went kaput on me...of course it went out before I could get the after pictures taken.  boo :(  Here's to hoping it will work for homecoming stuff. 

Here's Kim getting ready for her pedicure:

And Angela getting pampered:

then there's me getting my toes "prettied up"

The other lady with us, Wendy, did not want her picture taken...I will get her though...;) 

Today, my Jack is on fall break so I am going to spend some special time with just him. (Madi's school is not on fall break)  It is so rare for us to do that.  I know he is sensing some things going on with me doing all this packing and preparing.  The kids know daddy is coming home soon, but we have decided not to tell them how soon.  They think that mommy has to go to a meeting for a few days.  They don't care because they are staying with the grandparents so they are making big plans for that (I hope the grandparents are resting up, lol)  I want to keep this as a surprise for them and our hope is that we will be able to surprise Jack at school.  I get all excited just thinking about that, then I tear up thinking about how great of a surprise it will be for Jack to see his daddy.  Oh, I hope it works out, but if it does not, it will still be great because the end result is daddy will be home. 

I wanted to thank everyone for the sweet comments on my previous post.  It is hard to understand reintegration if you have not ever been through it.  So, I appreciate the precious comments, the encouragement, and the prayers.  I am believing and trusting that we will be just fine.  And I know that every obstacle, hurdle and roadblock we face, the Lord is faithful to see us and strengthen us through every bit of it. 


ShaRhonda said...

And just where is the final pedi pic? LOL! I am soooo happy for you!!! The kids are going to be so ecstatic- I didn't realize they didn't know! I am one of those that "don't realize" and yet I am dying with excitement and staying in prayer! Hugs and Prayers as always my friend! Love you!

Kim Wade said...

Im so glad we got to get out Sunday and get our minds off of packing for a few minutes! Your shoe bag is still cracking me up!!

Mahala said...

Every time I read a new post I get butterflies in my tummy for you! I am so excited that Jason will be home very makes me want to squeal! I know your toes look pretty....and what better accessory than the perfect pair of shoes????