Thursday, October 13, 2011

Operation: Retrieve My Soldier

This is Melissa Duncan.  Jessica asked me to update her blog to inform everyone that there is a caravan of army wives on a mission this morning to retrieve their soldiers.  Anyone on the interstate between AL and MS, MOVE OVER, these women are in a hurry!!! 


We praise you and thank you for bringing these men home to their families safe and sound.  We ask that you be with these ladies as they travel and keep them safe.  We pray they adjust quickly to civilian life and ask that you be with their families as they adjust.  Thank you Lord for ALL of our military and their families for their sacrifice.  Thank you for their committment to risk their lives to keep us free - - -Amen.

We all share in Jessica's excitement.  She is a woman of faith and I know of no stronger person than her.  While I know this journey has been a long one, I believe God has taught her so many things and I know she will use this experience for His glory and honor...(I'm sure we will be reading it soon in a future blog)...Thank you for supporting her and being there for her.  Thank you for praying with me that they have safe travels, speedy adjustments.  Join me in praying that ALL of our military return home safely to their families. 

Jessica, I love you girl!!!  Be safe, and I know it's hard, but FOCUS ON THE ROAD!!  LOL!! 




Sandy said...

WOOHOO!!! Go get your man!!!

Shelly said...

So excited for Jessica and her family!!! I cannot wait for a photo update after they've settled.

Nancy said...

Lots of love to all of you!