Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yet Another Change...

One thing I am learning is to be flexible and change is certain...well Jason should be home with us right now, but due to circumstances beyond our control he is stranded at the airport. His original flight was cancelled, then he was placed on stand-by for another flight only for it to be cancelled as well. As of right now he is on stand-by for a flight tomorrow, but should be home by tomorrow evening. Please pray for Jason and the other soldiers who are stranded at the airport.


Jobetty said...

Hey sweetheart
I know we have talked all day but because of my heckteck work schedule I am just now getting back to this web site so please go back and look at your comments since the Paula Show. Jessica I know that even though we talk daily and you know how much I love you please believe that I know God is listening and standing beside you through this journey and even though (because I have to work) I am not with you in person every day holding your hand I am with you in spirit and LOVE and GOD will be with Jason on his shoulder to protect him until he returns home to you and the babies and he is also on your shoulder helping you understand the request for Jason to help in God's plan for our country.
I love you JJ and my precious babies and I am here for you as you so needed.

Jessica said...

I am soooo sorry about Jasons flight and I know that you are very disappointed about it. Just remember this too is all in the hands of our Lord. Know that I am praying that tomorrow brings better news and that Jason will be home soon.

Love ya,
J Kadle