Saturday, May 2, 2009

Busy, Busy

It has been a very busy week around the Crow house! I managed to finish the cabinets this week (thanks to my great friend Jami!) The kitchen is almost complete now...just need to make the window treatments, touch up wall paint, and put the finishing touches on the decor. I am posting a before and after of the cabinets (but I will do a post later with the whole kitchen remodel after it is completed)

The cabinets after being sanded down and painted white.

The finished product after we put the glaze on.

This week Jack had an Art Show at his school. I must say that it was so much fun! I loved seeing all the great art pieces that the children made. So stinkin cute! Here are a few pictures from the show...

On Friday, Jason and I took the kids to the Baron's baseball game. We met up with my mom and my brother and it was a lot of fun! Jack liked it a lot and did not want to leave. Madeline just had fun playing in the bleachers =)

Then today, I went to a Ladies Retreat at church. I got to spend some valuable time with some really wonderful women. It was great getting to know each one of them better.

This week has really flown by for us (I guess because we have been so busy) But it has really been a lot of fun!

On a more serious note...I did want to share something. Jason will be returning to the "real working world" on Monday. This is going to be hard for all of us, but unfortunately it is time. I am sharing this because I am asking for prayers for Jason and the kids. Jason has not been in the "real working world" since Jan. of 2008. Please pray for him as he is making the transition from soldier to civilian. I can not imagine how difficult this may be for him. Also, please pray for the kids. Jack is still struggling with fear that his daddy is leaving again. Pray that they will understand that daddy will be coming home in the evenings. This adjustment to life after deployment is really challenging. We are all still trying to adjust and we know that it will take time. I pray that this return to the "real working world" will not be a set back for us. Thank you everyone for your prayers...that mean a lot!



Lisa said...

I love that art. Sorry i messed y'all today. We will keep on praying for you guys. :)

Jenifer Parris said...

I LOVE the cabinets! Are you ready to come and do mine? :)

All of you are in my prayers, especially Jason and his transition back into civilian working life.

Crystal said...

I love the cabinets! I can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

I hated that I missed yesterday! Robby and my dad had already planned a fishing trip, so the boys were with me! Looks like everyone had fun!

We'll be praying for you all!