Friday, May 8, 2009

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

You know how much i love "blogging" so i will keep this short and too the point. thank you so much for what you have done this past year with the kids! You are an awesome mom and wife and you did a great job with the kids this past year with me being gone. I know it was hard, but we got through it. i love you! jason


Jenifer Parris said...

How sweet! Doesn't have to be long to be touching. I told Bryan (my Army hubby) today was Military Spouse Appreciation Day...he says, while not not looking up from the paper..."really, nobody told us!"

Crazy man! Good thing I love him. :) He's got til Sunday to redeem himself! =)

Jessica said...

Jason~thank you so much sweety for posting this! Most of all thank you for making me feel special everyday! I love you!

Jenifer~you have me laughing...I can just see Bryan as he said that =) Gotta love the honesty =)
Have a great Mother's day!!!

Aimee said... sweet!! Yes, your wife deserves a big prize! Trust me..she is mother of the year!!!

Nancy said...

You two were always meant to be together!
Happy Mother's Day, Jessica!