Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jack's 4-k Graduation

Last night was Jackson's graduation from 4k. I can not believe my little boy has completed 4k! I truely feel like Jason and I just brought him home from the hospital...(I know, I know...every mommy says that, but I really do!)
The program was wonderful (and I only shed a few tears) The kids wore caps and tassels (so stinkin cute) and they marched in to Pomp and Circumstance (did I get the name right?) When that music started that is when I got teary-eyed. The children lead us in the Pledge and then they sang about 20 different songs. I knew Jack had learned a lot of songs this year (because he will periodically sing them for us) but I had no idea he learned that many! The songs were so cute!!! I video taped all of them and would gladly share all of them, but I only put one on this post =) After the songs, the children were presented with their diplomas and asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. There was quiet a theme going on to that answer...the girls said "cheerleader, mommy, or princess" and the boys said "race car driver, batman, and I don't know" Jack said he wanted to be a Power Ranger.
Once all diplomas were given there was video tribute to the 4k grads. The video was pictures of the children as babies and then a picture of them in their cap and gown. I of course cried during that. After the graduation service was over we went to Jack's classroom so he could get his things. Jack's teacher, Mrs. Betsy, gave Jack a book she made for him that had pictures and classwork of his throughout the year. I cried looking through it because I was so amazed at the progress he made throughout the year. He makes me so proud! One page though really brought me to tears. It was a question and answer section where Mrs. Betsy asked Jack a series of questions (like his fave color, toy, show..etc) Well one question was "What does your daddy do?" Jack's answer was "he shows up on my movies" See these questions were asked while Jason was deployed and the only thing Jason could "do" was show up on the computer and the series of videos he recorded for the kids. Oh I am so thankful for technology, but even more thankful that deployment is behind us now. that I have had yet another good cry...I will leave you with a few (ok, who am I kidding) I will leave you with several pictures to enjoy =)

The 3 and 4 year old classes singing

My sweet little Jack

Jack receiving his diploma from Mrs. Betsy

Madeline, Mrs. Betsy, and Jack

Jack and mommy

A little cake to honor our graduate

Jack and daddy

Madeline and Mommy

Jack and mommy

Group shot...Jack chose to go eat Cracker Barrel for his graduation dinner (this is his FAVORITE place to eat!)

Jack and mommy

Jack and daddy

I made these cute little graduation candy cup caps for Jack to give all his classmates (I got the directions off Bakerella's blog)

Below is a video of the 4 year olds singing the Hippo Song...This is the cutest little song. (You know the drill...scroll to the bottom and pause the music player so you can hear the song)




LeighAnne said...

So precious. I love the candy graduation caps....absolutely adorable. What a great way to celebrate.

Barb said...

Way to go Jack! That was so precious. Jess you are such a great mommy!

Nancy said...

SO PRECIOUS. Logan & Jackson would get along well, that is exactly what Logan wanted to be in his graduation video! Made me cry & laugh at the same time!
You & Jason have such beautiful kids.