Monday, May 4, 2009

A View and an update

Just wanted to share the view from our kitchen this evening. We were just finishing up with dinner, when we looked out the window and saw this...

Jason leaves the deer corn and all sorts of fruit to eat on. I am so glad that he does this because we get to enjoy this view...

And the update....Jason made it through his first day back to civilian work. He said he is having to relearn all his customers names/businesses. I am sure that it will all come back to him soon. The kids and I did really well too. Jack only asked to call Jason twice today and I let him. I figured that Jason would not mind that at all =). It was good for Jack. As soon as he talked to his daddy, he was fine. Jack did ask me at least 50 times today when his daddy would be home and he would not take a nap just in case his daddy called so he would not miss it. Jack colored his daddy 5 pictures and helped me prepare dinner for tonight. So yay! First day down with no problems =) Thanks for all the prayers!
And in closing...I will leave you with a picture of the kids after church yesterday.


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Jami said...

Your sweet babies... I love them! What a great view! That is awesome, no wonder your street's name is Deerpath.