Friday, November 5, 2010

The Farewell Luncheon

Just before my hubby and brother left, the unit they are a part of had a Farewell lunch. Even though this is our 3rd deployment, this is the first time I have been able to attend a Farewell Lunch. (1st deployment he had less than 2 weeks notice so there was not time for a lunch, 2nd deployment he was attached to another unit so the lunch was held there, which was too far for me to travel with children) So finally, this time we were able to attend one.

The luncheon was really nice. It was held at one of my favorite restuarants in town (their food is seriously incredible) We spent several months putting this luncheon together and wanted to make sure every detail was included. There were a lot of "important" people to invite, a band to reserve, slide shows to make, speakers to arrange, etc...lots of little details.

Everything went off without a hitch. The atmosphere was perfect. The food was incredible. The speakers did a wonderful job. The band was really, really great (and I think made the luncheon over the top) Below are some pictures of the luncheon:

Jason's mom, Polly, joined us for the luncheon.  I was so glad she was able to be there with us.

Another picture of the three of us.

My hubby and my brother.  I can not believe I got them to take a picture and smile (good smiles) at the same time.  ;)

Me getting to take a picture with my two favorite soldiers.

Sgt. Anderson and me.  Gonna miss this precious lady! 

Kim and me taking a break from our FRG duties. 

me, Kim, and Patti

Wendy and me...the roses were presented to the FRG officers by some of the officers...thought that was very sweet.

Wendy, Angela (Ava was in her belly here but she made her suprise appearance about a week after this picture was taken) and me

The FRG officers:  Wendy, Angela, Kim and me

Here are a couple pictures of two of the speakers.  The speakers really did a great job.  I was thankful that they were able to take a break from the busy schedules to speak at our luncheon.
Rep. Mike Rogers (and yay!  he was re-elected)  spoke to both the soldiers and their families and extended his support for the troops and the families that are left behind.

We also had our (controversial) mayor speak.  To be honest, I was a little nervous about this one.  And when he started his speech, I was a little fearful with where he was going with his speech.  But he ended up doing really well.  He talked about his time in service and offered to help the families in any way that he could.

All in all, it was a good luncheon and I was pleased with how everything turned out.

Still to come: Send off pictures, I am working on a blog to address what it is like (for my family) those first couple weeks after deployment begins, and of course the wonderful Give-A-ways planned for next week! (In honor of Veteran's Day, I will be giving away 4 things next week!!! You will not want to miss this )


Bama Belle said...

What a sweet thing to do to honor these men and women. You looked beautiful too! :)

Jenifer said...

Girl, you look fabulous!!!! So glad to hear the send of luncheon was such a success! Great job on all the hard work you ladies put in! Excited to hear about Jason's 4 day pass! WooHoo!!! Enjoy !

Lisa said...

Looks like a great luncheon. The food there is wonderful!! Thanks for sharing this.