Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun!

The kids all dressed up and ready to head out to get some candy.

Madeline finally decided on Cinderella.  All along she said she was going to be Fancy Nancy.  We love that book here at our house.  Plus we already had the dress.  So I just purchased some "accessories" to complete the look.  Well 2 days before trick or treating Madeline changed her mind...about 4 times...before she finally settled on the above costume.  So glad we have a trunk full of dresses.

Jack started off wanting to be Captain America, but once he saw the costume at the store, decided it just was not cool enough and chose Darth Vader.  I thought he made a good choice.

I love these kiddos so much!  We sure did miss daddy going trick or treating with us!

The kids had to take their picture with General Bone E. Parts.  General Parts was made by my very talented mother in law.  The kids think he is just great!

We were fortunate enough to be invited by friends to trick or treat with them.  It was great for the kids to have fun with friends and great for me to laugh a little and spend time with friends.  Above is some of our friends while we waited on the hay ride and more friends.

And there is our hay ride.  Complete with hay, orange lights and pumpkins.  It was too darn cute!  This was our 1st year to trick or treat this neighborhood and I was very impressed.  Everyone is on hay rides, golf carts, or 4 wheelers.  The houses were all decked out and gave great candy.  It was not too crowded (which is a lot better than the neighborhood we went to last year) 

Some more friends arrived and we had to take a quick picture before we were off to get the goodies.

The kids situated on the hay ride.  They were so excited.

The first house of many many houses...yea, we were out for over 2 hours...the kids bags were FULL!

My bestest friend Briana dressed as a butterfly and plain o me.  We have known each other since we were 11 (I won't tell our ages now but I will say we've known each other over 20 years)

Sweet friends!  We all went to high school together and are fortunate enough to live close to each other and now get to watch our children grow up together. 

We had a really good time Trick or Treating!  Spending with our friends was a really great distraction for the kids. 

On Oct. 31 we finally got to go to church.  No send off ceremonies or stomach virus' to keep us away this time.  And what a great day to go!  On Oct. 31 we celebrate the Reformation.  (So thankful for the heroes of our faith like Martin Luther who 500 years ago nailed those 95 thesis to the wall.)  Below are a couple pictures of the kids before we left for church. 

To finsih off the weekend, we went with friends to a Trunk or Treat/Fall Festival at a local church (thank you for inviting us Kim!)  By this time, Madeline was worn out and not too excited about being there...

See what I mean???  This was the best look she could give me...ha! 

Jack was so happy to go!  Any reason to wear the cool costume ;)

Hope that everyone had a great weekend!  I know we did!  Now I am off to make goody bags for some great soldiers...better them eat all this candy than me =)



Shelly said...

Your kids were adorable, and you are lucky to have such a great neighborhood. I just love your daughter's face in the trunk or treat photo!

Nancy said...

Jess ~ you look FANTASTIC & the kids are adorable as always. :)

Jeannette said...

Adorable! Thanks so much for your comment. I have started going to the FRG on post. No luck in finding a friend yet, but I'll keep reaching out and trying. Next meeting is actually the legal one. We're pretty covered but we do need to update our wills to include our son.