Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Week Before They Left

The week before my hubby and brother left the only thing we wanted to do was spend time together as a family without any interuptions.  Well, that is exactly what we did.  Let me also say, that I know without a doubt God is in all the details...every single little thing that may not seem important to most, but matter so much to us.  God knew that Jason and Jeremy would be leaving.  He knew the dates (long before we did) He also knew that it would work out for Fall Break at the kids schools to fall at exactly the week before the guys left.  Again, no big deal to most, but it meant so much to us not to have anything going on so we could focus on our family.
Below are a few pictures of things we did during the week before:

Jason and Jeremy both were able to help with coaching Jack's soccer games.  Jack loved it so much!

We had a little cookout with our families.  Unfortunately this is the only picture I have from it.  What was I thinking?

The kids love to play we played quite a few games.  =)

We also carved pumpkins!  Jason loves to do this...its always fun to see what he will create

The kids taking the "guts" out...YUCK!  They love doing this and I am not going to stop them.

This picture makes me smile and tear up at the same time.

General Bone E. Parts with the pumpkins they created.

Of course Jason had to have an Alabama, he did not make me an Auburn pumpkin.

We also took the kids to eat sushi!  Madeline liked it:

Jackson did not like it at all, but he enjoyed the food being cooked in front of us.

Giving daddy a big hug while he eats a huge burger!

I had to include this picture of Madeline...she is waiting on her food to arrive...

We (all 4 of us and my brother) also went fishing one day. 
Jason and the kids in the car on the way to fish.

My brother Jeremy with the fish he caught using Jackson's old batman fishing rod.  He actually ended up catching 3 with that rod. 

Our sweet Madeline also wanted to have a tea-party one day...She sat this all up by herself and invited us to all come to the party.

Jason and the kids enjoying the tea-party:

We had a really great week together and are so thankful for that time. =)

More pictures to come soon of the Farewell Ceremony and the Send off.

Also, just in time for Veteran's Day next week, I will be having a couple give-a-ways...your not going to want to miss these!

So lots to come!



Photina said...

That post gave me tears of joy. I am so glad you got to spend a lot of family time together before they left. What great memories you will have from that week throughout the deployment.

Nancy said...

Precious pictures! I am praying for God's speed throughout this deployment & can't wait for you to all be together again!

Miss E said...

I am so so so glad that you were able to spend the last week without any distractions from school or anything.

Jenifer said...

What a blessing to have that time together during fall break to just ***BE**. Praise the Lord for knowing just what we need, WHEN we need it! He is so good! Praying for you guys!