Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Birthday

My little man Jackson turned 7 years old today!!!  I can not believe he is already 7!!! 
My sweet Jackson,
You are such a precious young man.  You are so thoughtful - always checking on mommy and making sure she is ok.  Whenever you have money, you always buy your sister a gift.  You are so helpful with chores around the house.  I love to listen to you read.  I love to listen to you pray.  I love your imagination.  I love your passion for super heroes.  I love the way you admire your daddy.  I am so thankful that 7 years ago, God gave daddy and mommy His most precious gift - YOU - and He has entrusted us to raise you and train you in the way you should go.  You amaze me everyday with your strength...I can not imagine all the emotions you deal with having daddy gone so much.  Your smile melts me, as do your hugs.  I am so glad your my son!

I love you Jackson,

 Below are some pictures taken throughout the day...

We are so blessed that Jason is here on R&R for Jackson's birthday!  We decided to go ahead and give him his present so daddy could Jackson's reaction.  A skateboard!  yay!  He was so shocked!

So happy to finally get a skateboard...I wonder how long till he is covered in boo-boos

For dinner, Jackson chose our favorite local mexican restaurant.  He said he wanted to go there so he could wear the sombrero.  :)

So happy!

quick little family photo:

Jackson and Meme

Group shot:

another group shot:

My favorite 3 people ever:

This picture melts. my. heart.:
and here we are: just 4 crows:

We are still soaking up our time with Jason.  R&R is winding down, and I am not ready to send Jason back...but I know I have to.  So for now, I am back to enjoying my family while we are still complete.  ;)


Our Little Fam said...

Great pictures!! Happy Birthday to your cute Jackson!

Jami said...

Love the pics! Tell Jackson that Patrick Would love for him to join us the next time we head to Weaver skate park! It's a great place to go ... most of the time.

Jenifer said...

Happy Birthday Jackson! LOVE the sombrero!

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to one of your little loves!!

I love all the pictures & the fact that you are TOGETHER!!!

Chase.J.TheUltimateBlogger! said...

Tell Jack Jack I Am Loving The Skateboard And To Be Careful! Also Love The Shirt! -Chase.J.TheUltimateBlogger-

Crystal said...

I love these! I'm so glad he had a great birthday! Praying for you all! :)

Jhona O. said...

What a special blessing for your sweet boy to have his Daddy home for his birthday!

Thank you for the kind words you left on my post the other day:)