Wednesday, August 3, 2011

R&R Welcome Home

We are currently in the midst of R&R!  I have not gotten on the computer much at all because honestly we are just trying to soak up as much time as possible right now.  (It's amazing how quickly time is going)  I am very behind on blogging and on reading blogs, but I am sure everyone can understand :)    I do plan to get caught up, but not until Jason returns to the 'stan.

I had a few extra minutes right now while J is having some one on one time with the kids so I wanted to share some pictures from our R&R Welcome Home.

The kids showing off their signs.  My very sweet friend helped the kids make these signs.  They got a lot of compliments on their signs.

The kids and I waiting on daddy to arrive at the airport:

The kids and Granna (my mother in law):

The kids with Pops and Granna (my in laws):

Madeline and Jackson waiting as patiently as possible behind the yellow line for daddy to come up the escalator:

Madeline pointing to show Jackson which direction daddy would be coming from:

As soon as I spotted Jason, the kids took off running!  Jack got their first and you can see in the bottom of the picture that Madeline was running as fast as her little legs would take her to get to her daddy.  At this point my heart is racing so fast and the butterflies in my stomach are indescribable.  The moment you see your husband for the first time after many months apart is like no other.  The excitement, the happiness, the relief of seeing them finally in person, the way their hug feels, their smell, the real life person - not a phone, to feel their kiss - not just see it over a weak skype is so amazing!  Sorry, got off track - back to the picture of the kids running after daddy:

Jack jumps into Jason's arms and Madeline is almost there:

They both got daddy!!!  As Jack and Madi wrapped their arms around daddy, the entire waiting area in the airport began clapping.  The clapping lasted through the whole time we were all hugging Jason.  It was so amazing to hear the clapping and people saying "welcome home"  (great, I am crying again just thinking about it)

This picture melts my heart:

My 3 most favorite people in the world:

My little family:

Jason with his parents:

The Welcome Home crew:

After we left the airport, we stopped for lunch then headed home.  Their was a small group waiting at the house to welcome Jason home:

As you know from the previous post, I surprised Jason with a motorcycle.  When we pulled into the driveway, I gave him an envelope with the title and bill of sale to the bike and as he opened the envelope and read it, I opened the garage door:

Look at that happy face:

Checking out the new ride:

Fits perfectly!:

Looks so good on that bike!:

The kids posing with daddy's new addition:

So happy I was able to pull off the biggest surprise ever!  But even more happy to have the love of my life at home!:

Well, I am back to spending time with my man.  I will be back soon (=



Nancy said...

Love this post!!! So happy you 4 are together! I am crying thinking of everyone clapping!!
Enjoy your man, my friend!!!

The Allen Family said...

the pictures and your writing have me in tears... i second nanc's comment about the clapping... how awesome!

you look beautiful btw... love that blue on you!!!