Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm so Behind

I am so behind in blogging...that is what a packed summer and a R&R will do to you :)  I am determined to get caught day (ha!)

It has now officially been a week since J returned to the "stan"  It was a rough few days there in the beginning, but with God's grace, we made it and are almost in a new groove.  I will share soon about what those first few days were like...just don't have the time this morning.

So, in an effort to be semi-caught up, I will share a few pictures of our first week of R&R:

Jason's friends had a shrimp boil for him one night.  Several friends we had not seen in years were there.  It was so good to see everybody and to see a smile on my hubby's face.  Here is a picture of us from that night:

My brother also joined us at the shrimp boil.  It was great having him there too! 

We recently added a new deck and patio at our house (I say recent, it has been a year) Well, I finally got some furniture for it (how is that for waiting to find the right set at the right price???)  J and the kids put it together one morning.  The kids also got a table set for the deck and below is a picture of them helping daddy put it together.

We took a day and went swimming.  That was a lot of fun.  J was amazed at all the "tricks" the kids were doing.

My 3 favorite people in the world!

Of course, had to get daddy with the bunny ears:

Madeline mastered the back dive!  This child has no fear at all. 

Jack loves doing front flips and dives:

My birthday also happened while J was at home (yay, finally something he was here for to celebrate with me) We along with my mom and one of my best friends, Kim went to eat at our favorite Japanese restaurant.  The kids loved it and I seriously ate way too much!  But it made turning 33 fun :)

Kim and me out to dinner for my birthday.

So, I think those pictures catch us up on week one.  Week 2 of R&R coming soon as well as my thoughts about the first few days after J returned to the "Stan" and my weight loss blog that I have been meaning to share. 



Nancy said...

You look STUNNING in all of these pictures, Jessica!
I'm so proud of you & I'm so glad you had the most fun during R & R.

Jenifer said...

So glad you had an awesome two weeks and got to celebrate with your hubby for your birthday!!!! How did I miss that you have a weight loss blog! Maybe it will inspire me! Can't wait to see it!