Monday, August 22, 2011

Jack's 7th Birthday Party

This past weekend, we finally had Jack's 7th birthday party. He wanted a Capt. America theme at the skating rink so that is what we had.  :) 

Jack had a great time at his party, which is all that matters, BUT it is the first and LAST time I will ever have a party at the skating rink we used.  The air conditioner was broke in that place and it was miserable.  I heard several other parents complaining about it, but the staff at the skating rink did not seem to care too much.   My problem was when the manager made some of the adult guests at our party pay $6 just to come into the party.  These people were not skating, they just came to see Jack, but they were made to pay to enter the place.  Then I was upset when the staff there would not give skates to one of the children who were invited to the party.  NO excuse was given, they just would not give them a ticket to get skates (even though I had paid for these children to be able to skate and made it clear to the staff that if more than the allotted 10 children show up for the party, then I will pay the extra fee for them to skate-which I was told would be fine)So when I found out how the staff was treating our invited guests, I had a talk with them.  The staff nor the manager made an apology.  I did get the ticket for the child to skate, but no apology.  I just found their behavior in poor taste and very unprofessional.  So, I decided that was the last party we would have there.  It was funny because I did not let Jack know any of this was going on, but when we left the party as we walked past the manager, Jack said "Mommy, that was fun but I don't want my party here again, I would rather go to the arcade"  To which my friends little boy said "That's probably a good thing because I don't think your mom will let you have a party here again" haha!  and the manager heard it all.  Oh well, maybe it will cause them to change some things or do some things differently...maybe.

Anyways, below are some pictures of the party:
Jack blowing out his 7 candles ;)

I took Jack to the store and let him pick out his cake.  This is the one he chose:  (It was so hot in the place that the icing was starting to melt, yuck)

The birthday boy and his little sister:

Some of the children at the party:

Madeline skating:

Jack skating:

Me and my little birthday boy:


Madeline and 2 of her best buddies, Chase and Sadie. 



Crystal said...

Despite having the issues you mentioned on FB it looks like Jack had a great birthday! :)

Nancy said...

Happy BIrthday to handsome Jackson!!!

Aimee said...

I thought I was gonna pass out from the sauna. I considered it a good facial for the day.

Liesl said...

What FUN!!! Happy Birthday to your little one! So cute!

Liesl :)