Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This is my life verse...I have claimed it so often.  It touches my heart and brings such comfort and peace to me.  I have been clinging to it a lot over the last week.  I know and trust in the plan that the Lord has for our family...I may not understand and I may be going through a slew of emotions (from sad to angry) but I know that the Lord has great plans for us...and I am relying on that faith. 

I hope that this verse may bring comfort to you too in what ever your struggle or situation may be. :)


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Jhona O. said...

Thinking of you and saying a prayer today. That's a beautiful verse to make your life verse. So full of truth and a great one to remember...especially when things aren't making a whole lot of sense in the world we've planned for ourselves:) I hope you have a peaceful day today.