Thursday, August 30, 2012

I thought...

I think most people I know are loving Pinterest.  I have been on the site for quite a while.  I have lots of boards filled with great ideas and I have great motivation to attempt them...and I will one day do just that.  As a matter of fact, some friends of mine were discussing having a Pinterest party. It sounds quite fun....but more to come on that later.

This post has nothing to do with making crafts or a yummy crockpot recipe (which -side note- I did make a yum yum keeper - Buffalo chicken in the crockpot served as a sandwich. It's a keeper! and I wil share soon :) 

but anywho, back to the post at hand....I have been going thru quotes and scriptures that bring peace and comfort on the hard the hard week we have faced.  And then I came across this picture:

When I read this quote I lost it....My love for J is unfailing and constantly growing even in those weeks when you feel the feet would be knocked out from under you at any moment. (we are still standing, my friends) the grace of God we are still standing. 

I love my man....he is our protector, provider, advisor, our jokester, and thank goodness the athletic one....BUT....I love this man whom I have been with for over 18years for more than just those quality's.  I love hy husband because I love how he loves our children.  He will stop whatever he is doing to play battleship with Jack or to give a Mani to Madi....and not just stop what he is doing but stop with joy in his heart.  He is joyful when he plays with his children.  Better believe I love him more when I see that. I love that he is teaching our children their parent will be here for them  He is teaching them a love that is authentic not purchased.  He is teaching them what relationship looks like....and that my friends will be ingrained in their minds forever.  Even through multiple 15 months deployment, he can still make sure to spend time with his kids

here are my little sweeties during family game night...yes, a football was on and a convention was on, but there something more important to do....make sure you have the least number of marbles. ;)

so my friends, take time to reflect on the great things around you...find those things even when your heart is sinking...and hold on to those smiles...hold on to the promises of Scripture, and hold on to family and friends...cause sometimes this road of life gets bumpy :(  but when we come out of the fire we will be stronger if we allowed God to use us)


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Nancy said...

We need to tell our guys often how much we love them. This is a beautiful post that signifies your love for Jason. You two have always been & will always be meant to be :)
Said a prayer for you, my friend!