Monday, August 6, 2012

Graduation Day

To say I am proud of my hubby would be an under-statement....He recently graduated from Warrant Officer School (WOCS) and we were able to be a part of this huge accomplishment in his career. 

There were several events leading up to graduation day that families were able to take part in: family day, a couple classes that I could sit through, a Commander's Reception, and of course graduation day.

The Commander's Reception was very nice and the first time I have attended something like that. We were formally introduced to the commander and TAC officers of the course.  I met several of the soldiers going through the course with J and got to listen to some funny stories.  There was a ton of yummy looking food (but I was too afraid to eat with my dress on).  We were also able to watch a brief video of the training the soldiers went through and celebrate those soldiers who were being honored with some awards.  It was a fun evening that I really enjoyed.  I only have a couple pictures from it because we did not want to lug the camera around all night.

Here are pictures from the night of the Commander's Reception:
Nothing like taking a picture of ourselves with my phone, lol

Just a picture of me before we left the hotel...Several friends were wanting to know what dress I finally decided on - I found this dress at White House/Black Market ( I love that store!) My awesome brother took me there and helped me choose my dress for this reception and for the graduation. 

The next morning was Graduation Day!  YAY!  The graduation ceremony was really good and I am so glad we were able to be a part of it.  I have A LOT of pictures from graduation day...prepare for picture overload :)

   The kids with daddy

 Jason explaining to the kids and his parents what different things on his uniform mean

 My handsome hubby and me

My brother surprised us at the graduation :)  We were so happy to see him!

I know this is not a "posed" picture, but I love how Madeline is looking up at she's thinking "that's my daddy"

A picture of our crew waiting for the graduation to begin. Jason's grandmother, his parents, the kids, and my brother - what a great looking group!

After a couple speeches, the graduates took their oath.  Here is a picture of J taking his oath

After saying the oath, soldiers were called up in groups of 6 to have their rank pinned on. Jason had asked for the kids (with my assistance) to pin him. We were so very excited about that.
                                           J holding out his rank waiting on his to pin him

And here we are pinning J.  Jack got the rank almost on his side.  Madeline was very shy when we got to the front, so I put hers on for her. 

 Our little family after we pinned daddy.

Our new Warrant Officer!  So proud!!

Once the pinning was complete, the graduates were to give their 1st coin to the 1st Sgt.  The 1st Sgt was then going to donate money in the same amount as the number of coins he collected to their class project- the Wounded Warrior Project
 Here is J giving his coin to the 1st Sgt.

At the completion of the graduation ceremony...guess what we did?  Take pictures of course :)
 The kids and Daddy...think they are proud?

Our little family standing in front of the sign that the class designed and made

 A picture with the whole gang in front of the sign



    Another picture with my sweet little family

 And one last group shot

I am so very glad we were able to be with Jason for this major accomplishment in his life.  I am honored to be his wife and stand beside him not only on this day, but everyday!



Our Little Fam said...

Congrats to your hubs and family!! So wonderful! Beautiful pictures, you look great!

Jenifer said...

So proud of Jason and for your family! What a great accomplishment! Loved all the pictures!!

Karren said...

Congratulations to your husband!!

Karren said...

Congratulations to your husband!! Such a huge accomplishment!

Nancy said...

Jason has accomplished so much in his career! So proud of him! Loved your dresses, my stylish friend! I need to take you shopping with me for a new wardrobe :)
The kids look adorable & I loved that they got to "pin" him!!

Amy said...

Congratulations to your hubby! What an amazing man to have by your side and for your kiddos to look up to! :)

My hubby has started the application for Warrant Officer school. We're excited to see where the opportunity takes us!

Anonymous said...

Hi Keep up with The outstanding posts.Thanks you very much

Joanna said...

That is so awesome!!!
I can't wait until next year when my hubby graduates OCS!