Monday, August 27, 2012

Great Weekend

We had a super fantastic weekend! 

We knew that this would be the last weekend until December (yes, December) that we will not have something going on.  So, we wanted to make the best of it. 

We started the weekend off with a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel (yummy).  Then out of the blue my hubby asked if I would go on a motorcycle ride with him.  I was so excited because he's had his motorcycle for a year now (remember I surprised him with the motorcycle when he came home on R& can see that post HERE and THIS POST  )  He finally felt comfortable enough driving it that he wanted to let me ride with him...yay!  I was so excited.  So we dropped the kids off with Meme (my mom) and my brother joined us. 

Here we are before we loaded up on the motorcycle:

We took it slow at first so J could get used to having a rider.  Then we decided to ride up to the Mountain.  It was incredible.  The weather was great.  The neatest feeling was going through pockets of air that felt so cold.  You could smell things you do not normally smell in a car. The feeling of the air is so relaxing...definitely a stress reliever (so needed that relief after this week)  Needless to say I am hooked! 

Here is a picture of the bikes parked at a look out point on the mtn.:

Here is a video I made while riding:

I had a blast!  We rode over 85 miles that day (not too bad I guess for my first time ever on a bike)  I am ready to go again!  hehe  I also told J that maybe after the next deployment I will buy myself a bike as my prize, hehe 

The weekend did not stop at riding motorcycles (though that was the highlight for me)  We cooked out at my moms and went on a night swim.  Then spent Sunday afternoon rearranging the entire basement (thank you pinterest for giving me so many ideas, lol)  I have reclaimed my office and plan to get back to my scrapbooks while the kids are at school :) 

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!



Reccewife said...

Wow. I love a moterbike ride with my hubby, but I can't ride. I'm totally content being on the back! Good for you being way more adventuous than me!

Proud Seabee Wife said...

Don't you just love to ride. As a matter of fact I love it so much that my husband purchased a bike for me earlier this year. It has been a comfort to ride while he is deployed. Makes me feel closer to him in some ways.

Military Wife Theology 101 said...

I am so happy to find your encouraging site! I'm looking forward to following your posts. Like Reccewife... I am also totally content on the back of the bike.