Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 4 of Vacation

We are having such a GREAT time at the beach! The kids have loved the sand and the ocean. They are playing so hard and as a result...sleeping so good! What more can we ask for???

Madeline is not one to be afraid of anything! She of course had to boogie board too.

Jack has made quite a few friends and has loved digging holes and building sand castles with them.

Jack and Madi are ready to head out to the amusement park.

Jack drove the go carts all by himself! I can not believe my little boy is big enough to do that!

Madi was not big enough to ride the go carts, but she sure did enjoy watching her bubba.

Madeline enjoyed riding the swings.

Jack and Madeline on the swings.

Jack and Madeline riding on the train.

Jack and Madeline riding the kiddie Ferris Wheel

Jason and Madeline riding the bumper boats.

Yes, I was using Jack as a sheild. =)

Don't let Jason fool you, he really was having a great time!

Madeline has had enough with the bumper boats.

Finally over...I am looking like a drowned rat.

Jack riding the go cart...AGAIN....

Jack riding on the tilt a whirl

Madeline riding the tilt a whirl.

Jackson riding the carosuel.

Madeline riding the carosuel.

Below is a video of the kids riding on the swings. Be sure to pause the music player at the bottom before you watch the video.



KristinRanae said...

It looks like yall are having a GREAT time! I love all of the pics:) I adore Madeline's hat with her initial!!! Where did you get htat?

Nancy said...

Looks like you are having the best time! I'm so glad! Enjoy all of the fun in the sun!

Jessica said...

We are having a GREAT time!

Kristin~I got Madeline's hat at Babies r us and then took it to BB's to monogram (I am addicted to monogramming)

KristinRanae said...

Oh, I forgot that BB's monograms! That is right beside my Mom's too! Thanks for the reminder:)