Friday, June 19, 2009

Show Us Where You Live~Playrooms, Bonus Rooms, Laundry Room

Welcome to this weeks edition of Show Us Where You Live. Today, we are going to be touring 3 rooms: the kids playroom, the work-out room (the hubs bonus room) and the laundry room.

Up first is the kids playroom. I had a very sweet friend come in and paint the murals on the wall. I wanted the playroom to look like the kids were outside playing in the park. I showed my friend one of my favorite children's books and she recreated some of the scenes out of the book and put them on the wall. Below are a few pictures of the playroom.

This is the view looking into the playroom from the basement family room. I love that the kids playroom is right off the family room.

Scripture written above the door leading out of the playroom.

A picture of the toys actually put away HA! (this picture was taken at about 6am ~ before the kids were awake to destroy the playroom)

Along this wall, I wanted a "garden scene" using our hand prints to look like flowers. When the wall was done, my little girl was only a couple months old and she would not leave her hand open long enough to put it on the wall, so we used her foot. I love how this wall turned out and that it has a little piece of all of us on it. =)

This is Jack's corner...he loves to play on the tool benches.

This is Madeline's corner...she loves to take care of her baby dolls.

Below are just some more views of the playroom.

Next stop is the Work-out room. Um...let's just say that this room does not get used enough =)

And the final stop on the tour is the Laundry room. Unlike the work-out room, this room gets used entirely too much. =)

Thanks for stopping by on this weeks edition of show us where you live! Be sure to check out Kelly's Korner to see some more rooms and get a lot of great ideas!



Heather said...

What a great playroom for your kids! It's so cute and big!! I love the "flowers" painted on the wall, too cute!

The Allen Family said...

you do have such a great playroom!!! how wonderful to be able to keep the mess out of the middle of your house!!!

Nancy said...

I think your house is BIG, Jessica!! Isn't it nice to have all of that room!? You really decorate so cute! I love the mural & the bible verse above the door.

King J's Queen said...

The flower wall in the playroom is just adorable! What a treasure!

pumpkinpatches said...

Want an awesome play room! It is HUGE :) I just adore the idea of the flower hand prints, way to cleaver and cute> thank you for your sweet comment, I hope you had a great weekend!

Henry said...

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Henry said...

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