Thursday, June 18, 2009

Want a good laugh???

I just have to share this little moment of mommy embarrassment...
Ever had one of those moments when your child embarrasses you so bad in public??? Well, I had one today. This is of course a Madeline story:
We are standing in the checkout line at good 'ol Wally world. Well you know how that goes...25 check-out lanes and only 2 are open. And the 2 lanes that are open have about 10 people in each lane waiting to check out. The family in front of us is (um how do you say it nicely???) well they are apparently HOT. I mean pouring with sweat, the husband has shoes off, kids in buggy with nothing but t-shirts and diapers on...your getting the picture right? Well Miss Madeline stands up in the buggy puts her hands on her hips and says very loudly in her most southern accent... "Something stinks in here" Oh I wanted to crawl under the buggy. In her defense something did stink and I could tell by the people who were trying to hold back their chuckles that they thought so too. I quickly said "Madeline, are you playing with that shampoo bottle again?" It was the best I could come up with.
So anyone else had any embarrassing mommy moments?



Misty said...

Nathan's too little to embarass me right now! I have a story about my aunt and cousin that is too embarrassing to post here. I'll have to share it with you at church!!

KristinRanae said...

I got embarrassed yesterday...well I am actually STILL embarrassed! Kamryn was playing outside in the sprinkler and our neighbor drove up on his 4-wheeler. As I was standing there talking to him, Ryn decided to take off her bathing suit and sit on her potty for a tinkle. He just looked at me and said "Umm...I need to go!" I think he was as embarrassed as I was! I guess that is what I get for setting her little potty in the garage!! Goodness;)

Aimee said...


That kid is a hoot!!! Love her!!!

KellyW said...

That is too funny!
We were standing in line at the Wal-mart pharmacy one day not long after Charlie had gotten over the chicken pox. There was a teenage boy in front of us, bless his heart, with some of the worst acne I had ever seen. Savannah proceeded to say, very loudly, "Look Mommy! He's got Chicken Pops!" I wanted to run and hide in another isle!