Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Girls Night

Last night, my mom treated Madeline and me to a "girls night" while J and Jack had guys night at the movies. Meme let Madeline choose what we ate...of course she chose Chick-fil-A (after some gentle nudging from me) (= After we ate we took Madeline to see Dora The Explorer. It was so much fun!!!! Madeline sat in my lap through the whole show and she did not move a muscle...she was completely mesmerized.

I managed to sneak a picture of the sign before the show started. The workers were very serious about no pictures being allowed.

This is Madeline waiting in the car for Meme to meet up with us.

Don't you love her cute polka dot sunglasses =)

She is such a girl! Checkin herself out in the mirror.

Madeline and me

Madeline and Meme

As we were leaving the show, we ran into some sweet friends. So of course we had to stop and take a picture of Madeline and Kamryn together. Aren't they so cute!?!



KristinRanae said...

Oh how precious! You got a GREAT picture of them too:) I think they are already friends!!!! We should get them together for a "girly" playdate!!!

Crystal said...

How fun! I love the polka dots!

LeighAnne said...

I love her hair in pigtails. She is too cute!!! So glad you all had a fun night!!

The Allen Family said...

how fun!! i do love the sunglasses, and her pig-tails too!!!

Nancy said...

The girl has style. She's so cute, Jessica! Such a combo of you & Jason!