Thursday, April 1, 2010

Enjoying A Beautiful Day!

I don't know about the weather where you live, but the weather in our area has been WONDERFUL! I love this is perfect. We have the windows open and spend as much time as possible outside enjoying these great days. Want a good laugh...I even sat outside and put some sun tan lotion on...trying to get a little did not last long though...I had 2 little sweeties to chase around =) That's ok...I would not trade anything for it.

We were able to enjoy a picnic at a local park with some great friends. Below are some pictures from our picnic:

Jack and Madi enjoying a yummy picnic with friends at the park.

Charlie, Jack, Samuel, Chloe, Savannah, and Madeline...a wonderful day at the park spent with great friends =)

So what is more fun on a beautiful day than washing cars...

Jack and Madi ready to wash mommy's car.

Giving the tires a good scrubbing.

Like how Madi dresses herself??? =)

We've had a pretty busy week...and still a lot more going on. I registered Jack for kindergarten today. wow...glad that is over...dreading the first day of school...(I am taking deep breaths as I type this) I know that he is ready, now mommy just has to get ready =)

We had a FUN Easter party today at Jack's school...I will post about that later (of course with pictures too)

The rest of the week will be filled with t-ball practice, shopping with a friend, making eggs for hunting, 2 egg hunts, a t-ball game, church, and a yummy meal with family. (and maybe, just maybe if I am lucky, I will take a nap on Sunday afternoon) ;)

Well I am off to play outside...quiet time for the kids is over...and I need to release some tension (I am debating about whether to blog about that or not)



Bama Belle said...

This weather has put me in such a wonderful mood too! :) I wish B and I would have taken the day off and gone to the lake today. It is just perfect! Have a great Easter sweetie. Love you - LA

Aimee said...

We are loving the weather too! Heading to Ladiga trail today!

Love your park pictures!!! So cute!