Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Think I Broke My Arm

A conversation I had with this little princess:

Madeline: with a serious look on her face, but no tears "Um, mommy, I think I broke my arm"

Me: "Oh really, what happened"

Madeline: "Uh, yea I think it is broken" (still serious and no tears)

Me: looking at her arm and being "concerned" "well, Madeline what did you do?"

Madeline: very serious now "well, mommy, I was just jumping on my bed and I fell off..(short pause)...I guess that means my butt is going to hurt now" (b/c she is going to get a spanking for jumping on her bed)



Kelly said...

So cute! Glad to see your kids know you will follow up with discipline! Its a fading thing in our society, unfortunately.

Bama Belle said...

How cute!! She is a mess girl, but she is so cute.

Amber said...

So adorable!!!!! I love the things kids come up with....they are so honest and pure!

Jenifer said...

Ha! Glad there's no broken arm! Bryan jumped on the bed when he was little and stuck his knee THROUGH a window!

Karren said...

LOL, That's cute! Glad there were no broken bones though :)

Crystal said...

Love it! The other day Duke burped and I looked at him like "seriously?" and he said, "mom, that's what men do." really? already?