Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time To Freshen Up

Time to freshen up...the house that is =)

I am trying so hard to keep things as normal as possible. The kids still have no idea that J is deploying again and we plan to keep it that way until closer to time (which will not be long). I wish at times that I did not know either...it is really affecting me...maybe I will share about that soon. But for now, I am just going to try to keep this post "cheery"

I spent the majority of last week doing MAJOR spring cleaning! Once everything was all clean and fresh, I decided to change up the decor (just a little) so it would be fresh too. There is just something about a clean house and new decor that makes me feel better. ;)

It is not often that I get to go shopping...alone...and have time to browse and get ideas. I was lucky enough to get to do that...and to top it all off, my mom paid for it =) (shopping alone and someone else pays for it...could it possibly get much better???)

One of my fave stores is Micheal's. We do not have one in our area, so when I visit my mom I like to stop in there. I always score some great finds and usually they have great prices. This trip was a success! I found some great decor, got some great ideas, and spent way too much time in the scrap booking aisles.

Below are some pictures of my finds:

Some of the pretty things I found at Micheal's to go along with things I already had.

Remember when I said I was looking for something to hang on the front door??? Well I came across this stuff on the clearance aisle. I paid about $6 for the bucket and the stems were 99 cents each...so less than $10 in the door decor.

I put some styrofoam in the bucket to hold the stems in place.

Used my handy dandy wire cutters to cut the stems to just the right height for the bucket and began placing them in the bucket. The stems were just randomly placed and filled in where ever I thought looked bare.

The finished door hanging. I was very happy with it...so happy with it that I made another one just like it and gave it to my mom for her front door. =)
I love the yellow stems...they just felt bright and cheery to me...what color makes you feel bright and cheery???

On to the dining room:

Table decorations...I already had most of the stuff on here...just added the tall vase and a few new stems to create a new look
I am thinking about getting some burlap to intermingle on here...it just looks like it is missing something??? whatcha think????

another view of the dining room table

Close up of the butterfly...Madi loves this =)

View of the mantle/fireplace area...nothing new just added a fern in the urn.

Close up of the fern

So, there are my new spring decorations...do any of you decorate or change things up for spring?


Karren said...

I love the door hanger you put together! It's very cute!

Bama Belle said...

Love love love the door hanger. SO creative. It is such a nice alternative to a wreath. Great finds.

Aimee said...

I love the door hanger! I am looking for something for my front door... maybe I should head to Micheals.

Yeah, I agree...something is missing on that table. Maybe something underneath it or scattered around it? Hmmm..dunno. Ask Janet!! LOL

But, it looks cute to me if you just leave it alone too!

Crystal said...

Cute stuff! You are so creative! I never change my decor. #1- I am not creative. Well, that's about it.

You've got to be organized to have all of that different seasonal decor! I wouldn't have anywhere to put it! I can hardly keep up with my Christmas stuff!