Monday, April 12, 2010

Zoo Field Trip

Last week, Jack's preschool went on a field trip to the zoo. We LOVE the zoo! (I often feel like I live in a zoo so we are right at home there. HA!) The zoo is a very fun and educational place...however when just about every school in the entire region is there, it is very nerve racking...but we survived...=)
Below are some pictures of our trip to the zoo:

Jack, Madeline and Chloe waiting to go in the zoo.

Joshua, Emma, Samuel, Chloe, and Jack waiting on our turn to go in the zoo.

Jack and Madi waiting to feed nectar to the larakeet.

Jack feeding the larakeet.

Madi really enjoyed feeding the she is with 2 of them.

Joshua, Samuel, Madi and Jack about to enter the primate exhibit.

Kids sneaking a peek in the primate exhibit.


Madi...trying to climb over the fence and see the rhino...

Waiting in line for the train ride.

Madeline wanted to ride the train with Claire and Mrs. Bradley

Jack is all smiles on the train ride.

Jack at the petting zoo.


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Nancy said...

I should have grabbed up my kids & met you girls for a crazy day @ the zoo :)
I'll call you this weekend!
Love ya!