Saturday, September 4, 2010

Heading Out

Well, here we go...we have hopped on the crazy roller coaster known as deployment. The kids and I took my hubby and my brother this morning to catch the bus for the airport. We are on the crazy coaster now...the day we have been dreading has finally arrived. Well, sort of...even though they are gone, this does not count towards the deployment timeline. They are gone to train/prepare for deployment for a few weeks so its totally separate...confused yet??? It can be confusing, but I have given up trying to understand and instead just accept it. Yes he is away from us...yes it has to do with deployment it does not count toward the deployment length. They will be gone for a few weeks then will be able to return home for a couple weeks. At the end of that time, our orders will start and we can officially start our countdown. Knowing that we will have a little more time together made the send off a little easier this morning. Yes, it was hard. Yes, we did not sleep last night. Yes, there were tears. BUT it really was not too bad. The kids managed to go back to sleep when we returned home. My mind would not let me rest though (and it still won't) So I texted back and forth with J until he was on the plane. It was nice to be able to do that. Now he is in the air and the kids are full of energy...its going to be a long day. The kids (well mainly Madi) are already asking when daddy comes home...bless their hearts...this is so hard. I have really had some weak moments this week (I will spare you the details, but I believe there may have been some this is not fair comments made...I know selfish right? )so I can not even imagine what they must think. How I pray for their hearts and minds and ears to be protected/shielded from all this.

Well, I am leaving you with some pictures of the send off...

Sweet picture Jackson drew for daddy to take with him...he said its our family and we are holding hands...if your wondering if we cried...yep...lots of tears. But that picture is perfect! Jason is now carrying that picture in his wallet...could not think of a more perfect place for him to keep it.

Jackson also drew Uncle Jeremy a picture. This picture is Uncle Jeremy with Jack, Madi, and me ;) too sweet!

Jason and me waiting for the bus to pick the group up from the reserve center...its 0500...VERY early after seriously a sleepless night. (Yes, Jason is in civi's...they were given the option to wear civi's or uniform...he chose comfort)

My hubby and my brother's bags. Since they are only headed to RTC they do not have that much stuff, but will be issued a lot while there including new uniforms.

Some of the guys loading the bus...they left about 45 minutes behind schedule, but they made it to the airport in plenty of time. They are in flight now and will arrive to their training site soon.



Nancy said...

If I didn't have the sinus crud, I would pack Kenlee & I up & come hang with you :) I'm afraid I would infect you.
You are in my thoughts. All day long :)
Hugs to you!

Bama Belle said...

Love you sweetie and I am praying for you and the babies and Jason and Jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blake & I pray for our military everyday and we are going to be calling out Jason & Jeremy BY NAME!! :) Love you.

Jenifer said...

Praying for all of you my sweet friend. Praying that these few weeks apart flies by!

Karren said...

:( Praying for y'all!!

Kayla Sue said...

Praying for your family!!!