Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Weekend the end of the week

A little late on posting, but I have a great time. We are soaking up as much time together as we possibly can...wish there was a way to stop time and freeze these moments...but I know I can not so we are really just trying to enjoy this as much as possible.
So on with this post... This past weekend, my hubby's reserve unit held a yellow ribbon event. It was really great pre-deployment information, especially for those who this will be their first deployment. I enjoyed getting to meet some of the spouses and making some great connections. It was a very busy weekend, but overall a success.

My hubby and me before the events began.

Me and my little brother, Jeremy...I'm going to miss him while he is gone

After all the Yellow Ribbon classes we changed and headed to a dinner at a local museum. The evening and dinner was hosted by the FRG. The museum we held it at was a great setting as it holds lots of memorabilia from previous wars.

Jason and me at the dinner.

Touring the museum.

3 of the FRG officers: Kim, Wendy, and me.

I saw this hanging in one of the displays and had to have a picture of it. So fitting since I will once again be needing a 2 blue star hanging.

Well, I am off to dig in the dirt...yes, I said dig...we are getting a new deck and patio area so more shoveling is required...just an fyi...digging and shoveling dirt is very therapeutic.


Nancy said...

I still can't believe that is Jeremy. Those are GREAT pictures of all of you!! Love you, friend!!

Shelly said...

My heart goes out to you. The goodbyes and first few weeks to get into the routine are so hard. I hope this year flies by for your sake (and mine). Remember, I'm always here to read to what you if you ever need to vent I'm here to listen.

You looked beautiful at the dinner by the way. Those are great photos.