Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fishing Trip

So, I have been absent from the blog scene for a while...as the days are winding down, we are really just trying to spend as much family time together as possible. Therefore, I really have not even turned on the computer. I did want to do a quick post this morning and share a few pictures of a recent fishing trip that we took the kids on. Jason had been wanting to take the kids to fish for catfish and we are fortunate enough to leave near a dam where the catfish are plentiful. We had a great time. The kids caught several types of fish including catfish. All the fish were pretty small so we just threw them all back. We ended up staying a couple hours...it was all we (the kids and I) could take...it smelled really bad. At one point Jackson was reeling in a fish and I asked him what he thought he caught and his reply was "A stinky shoe" ha! (It smelled worse than a stinky shoe)
All in all we had a great time just the 4 of us...I am so thankful that we are getting this time together.
Below are a few pictures of our fishing trip:

Well, that is enough for today...off to soak up some more family time...we are in the single digits now (I can actually count on one hand how much time we have left)



Crystal said...

I can smell it just looking at the pictures! Ew!

Praying for you all!

The Wifey said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! Yay for family time.

Nancy said...

Every prayer I pray, you 4 are in it. I'm so glad you are having fun right now! Love the pictures!!