Sunday, August 8, 2010

No More Training Wheels!

A few weeks ago, Jack decided it was time to ride his bike without training wheels. After a couple tries, he was cruising around with no problem at all. I was very impressed at how quickly he was able to do it. It did however, take a couple days to figure out how the brakes worked. ha! We have really put the box of band-aids to use as well =) (gotta love all those little scrapes and scuffs)

It seems just in this past month my little boy has grown up so much. From riding the bike without training wheels, to loosing a tooth, to turning 6 in a couple days, and of course starting big school just does not seem possible. Ok, I must stop before I get too emotional =)

I will leave you with a few pictures:

And of course, I must include a picture of lil miss



USNchic said...

How exciting! They really do grow much too fast.

Jenifer said...

Go Jackson!!!! I've been slacking with Ellie and her bicycle...too HOT!!! =)

Julie the Army Wife said...

Very sweet :)

Christian Mommy Writer said...

That's wonderful! I know he's proud of himself!

I'm still trying to get my little one to pedal his tricycle correctly. We'll get there one day. He's still young. :-)

Nancy said...

He's growing up so fast! Way to go, Jackson!!

Miss E said...

aw he's getting big... he must be so excited