Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Madi's 1st Dance/Tumble Class

Madeline has a lot of energy! So we decided to put that energy to good use and enrolled her in a dance/tumble class. It's one hour, once a week. She will take ballet, tap, and tumbling. We just had our 1st class and it was great! Madeline loved it soooo much and is still dancing around the house doing her dance moves, ha! Below are some pictures from her 1st class:

Lil miss priss dressed and ready for tap class. Her smile is contagious!

Checking everything out in the mirror.

In position and ready to learn some tap moves.

Shoe change, ballet shoes on and ready for class.

She is so happy!

Madeline and her best buddy Emma. These girls are so excited to take dance together!

Madeline waiting her turn on the tumble mat.

Getting in position

Ready to do the front roll...teacher wanted to make sure the girls knew how to do a front roll...little did she know that our miss priss has been doing front rolls since before she could walk, ha!

Jack was so glad that Joshua (Emma's brother) had to tag along to dance class too so he would have someone to play with. These boys miss each other this school year so they are happy to know they will see each other at least weekly ;)



Kathryn said...

"As we are currently preparing for deployment #3 I can tell you the best thing to do is just make the most of the time that you have together. Enjoy these days and your little family. =)"

Thank you so much for your comment Jessica, I really appreciate it. I will definitely take time to enjoy all the time I can with my little family! :)

"To prepare myself I have been praying for God to protect my thoughts from the what-ifs, to prepare me now for the lack of communication and for the abscence. I pray for God to give my children special understanding and to protect their thoughts as well. That is about all I know to do to prepare. Lots of prayer and lots of spending time together while we can."

Thank you for this advice, I definitely need to protect myself from the what-ifs, I do that a lot!

"I have also found that having children to take care of definetly makes the deployment go faster...and anything that makes a 400 day deployment go faster is a good thing =)"

Yes, that is true, and I am glad I have a little one to take care of to make the time pass!

"With that said, being both mommy and daddy just do not forget to take care of yourself.
and know that you are not alone...you have all of us in blogland =)"

Thanks again, I really appreciate all this! :)

Kathryn said...

Oh and I love the pictures of your little girl, so cute!!

Nancy said...

I wish we lived close & Kenlee could take with her! Just like old days @ Sheila Lindley's!

Bama Belle said...

I love these pictures of Madi in her sweet leotard and tights. She is just too cute. What a brilliant idea to combine all those activities into one class. She is going to have a great time, you can tell by the look on her little face. Love you girl!!