Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Birthday Party

We had Jackson's 6th birthday party over the weekend. In the past I have spent weeks preparing and planning for a big blowout party. If your like me, you put so much time and energy into the party and every little detail that you forget to have fun, relax, and enjoy your child's party. I was determined to enjoy and relax at this party. We decided that a party at the arcade would be the way to worrying about coming up with things to entertain everybody, no house cleaning, no worrying about the weather...just This party was so easy. For a lot less than I would have spent on food and/or games we were able to reserve the arcade and got way more than enough tokens for all the children (both young and old) at the party.

A Super Hero cake

So did I mention that this party was sooo easy??? Yea, I just showed up with cake, ice cream, and drinks (the items seen on this table are all I brought)...easy

The kids had a bit too much fun with the party horns (sorry parents)

This picture cracks me up! Madi plugging her ears while she blows her party horn! HA! everyone is quiet...nothing like some cake and ice cream to bring on the quietness.

A girl after my own heart...she loves some ice cream and is making sure she does not miss one bite =)

Love that messy chocolate face!

Jack got a great tackle box

and a (plastic) bow and arrow

and a fishing rod to go with that tackle box =)

I managed to gather up a few of the children for a semi-group shot before they took off to play in the arcade...did I mention how easy this party was???

Meme and Madeline

Jackson playing a racing game.

Of course Jason had to get in on the fun...such a big kid! =)

Jackson won quite a few tickets on the basketball game!

Jackson said he had so much fun at his party! We are all about having the next party here!



It's Something Beautiful said...

I'm glad the party was such a success! :) Thank you for sharing such great pictures. I love the one with the little girl eating from the ice cream carton - so adorable!

The Allen Family said...

looks like a fun party and i'm glad you were able to enjoy this one!!! :)

happy birthday jack!

Kayla Sue said...

what a fun birthday party:) and I LOVE those kool aid drinks:)

Nancy said...

So proud of you for keeping it simple, my friend! The less stress the better :) That's all I've learned in my 30's!!

Miss E said...

That's so great that you were able to enjoy the party and not be stressing about all the little things. It looks like he made out pretty well for his birthday!