Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1st Day of School!

Yesterday, 08-09-10, was Jackson's first day at "big school"! The day started off pretty hard for me. I was quite tearful most of the morning before we left. At one point Jackson turned to me an said, "Mommy, can you please not cry in my class" ha! I told him I would not (and I didn't) I made it off of the school grounds then the tears fell hard. The tears were both tears of joy and tears of sadness. Sadness, because I just can't believe that my little boy is growing up and will be away from me all day. We have spent the last 5 years preparing and training Jackson for this day. It is just hard to believe that its already time. And joy because I am so excited for all that he is going to learn, the new friends he will make, and all the exciting memories that are to be made this year.

Below are some pictures of our first day:

I finally managed to organize Jackson's closet...it seriously took all day, but it's done (and I hope it will stay this neat for longer than a day) I got him an organizer and layed out all his clothes for the week. My goal is to keep mornings easy and simple by taking care of as much before hand that I can. That way we will all start our day off in good moods =)

Lunch box and snack bag packed and ready to go.

Book bag all ready!

My little sleepy head ready for his first day. He requested french toast and sausage for his breakfast. Jason and I also gave him cards at breakfast letting him know how very proud of him that we are and that we hope he has a wonderful first day.

Dressed and out the door on time! Daddy made it home from PT just in time to give Jack hugs and send us off (at 6:50am!!!)

Family picture...love how Madeline is barely awake and has this look of "why am I awake right now?" on her face ;)

Ready to go!

Jackson sitting at his desk. He walked right in class, put his book bag in his cubby, put his snack away, and sat right down at his desk to color.
The classroom was so quiet too. I have never been in a room full of 5 year olds and nobody was talking...they just all looked so lost. (this morning there was chatter and smiles so I think they are all past that intial fear)

Well,Jack and I survived the first day of big school. He said he had a great day and wanted to go back (so I think that is a good sign) He talked all about it and was still talking this morning on our way to school. He loved circle time and of course his favorite was the playground, ha! He did not know his friends names, but said he would try to remember them today. I was able to walk Jackson in again this morning, but starting tomorrow he will have to go in by himself. That will be a big step for both of us. Oh and this morning he asked if he could ride the bus...I am not ready for that...baby steps, Jack, baby steps.

So, how are you other mommies out there handling school starting back???


Jenifer said...

Girl, I'm glad I'll just send mine as far as the kitchen! Ha! You did better than I would have I'm afraid. I would have probably embarrassed Ellie by being a blubbering mess! I'm proud of you! And so glad that Jackson enjoyed his first few days so far! He looked precious...and so happy!

Crystal said...

Sweet pictures and precious memories!

Nancy said...

You are so organized. I have approx. 24 hours to get that way :) Logan starts tomorrow.
Jackson looks adorable & I'm so glad your honey got to see him off to school with you!

The Wifey said...

Love the pictures! My oldest starts kindergarten tomorrow and is beyond excited.

Miss E said...

aw I love the pictures and I am so glad your husband was able to get home to see him before he headed off to his first day. I love that you are so organized, one day when I get to this point I hope I am like this... it will make things run so much easier!