Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Know What Else Makes Me Smile?

It makes me smile, a lot, when I go to the mailbox and find that the kids and I each received a letter from J.  I get so excited that it seems I can not get back inside the house fast enough so that we can open them and read. 

It makes me smile to watch Jack read his letter and then write his daddy a letter in return.  I love the stuff he comes up with to tell his daddy.  In this letter, he asks his daddy to cook him a steak.  :)  How cute is that?

I have been going to zumba, a lot, lately and I really enjoy it. (what a great stress relief)  I am lucky that even though where I take from does not offer child care, the insrtuctor allows the kids to come with me.  (Otherwise I would not be able to go).  So the kids get to come and watch.  Madi has managed to pick up a few of the moves and does them quite often for us around the house.  (I have even been told that she shared a few of them for show and tell at school) ha! Now the thought of that makes me smile (and shake my head at the same time)

This picture makes me smile.  I had been on the phone with J and I came into Jack's bedroom to find him reading a story to Madi.  I love it!  He is trying to get in all his reading hours so he can get that free ticket to the theme park.  ;) 

And after the really, really long stressful week that I had last week, there is nothing like a handwritten letter from the one I love so much to bring a smile to my face. 

Now if I could just find more time in the day to catch up on blogs and get my own blog caught up I would smile. 

So what are some things that make you smile???



Mahala said...

seeing that beautiful handwritten love letter made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post!!! You have a beautiful family!!

Nancy said...

This post makes me smile! I can't wait for Jackson to be eating a steak with his Dad!!
We are going to have a play date @ Bon Bon's on a Saturday in March if you can. I'm working all Saturdays this month, but I have to see you!!