Sunday, February 20, 2011

Proud Moments and Funny Moments

I wanted to share a couple pictures with you that make me so proud!  As most of you know, my hubby and my brother are both currently deployed.  They are both doing very well and we are fortunate enough to get to talk with them pretty regularly.  This morning I woke up to some pictures of my little brother taken during a ceremony where he received the Army Achievement Medal.  He looks so grown up (which makes me feel so old)  I am very proud of you little brother!  Good Job!

Of course, I must share a recent funny picture I took of the kids.  We have a pretty good routine going for us in the mornings (most of the time) but this particular morning, the kids did not want to get up and ready for school. After I woke them up, I left their rooms to pack lunches and snacks.  Noticed it was too quiet, I went to check on them only to find them asleep in my bed.  I could not help but laugh (and snap a quick picture)  

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weekend!


Jenifer said...

Congrats to your brother! And I still love this photo of the kiddos!!! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Nancy said...

Great pictures of Jeremy!!
I bet it was so hard for those two cuties to wake up in your bed! I love mornings when they can sleep in! :)

Holly Sandusky said...

Hey! I'm out and about Blog Hopping and found your blog. I love it! Follow mine?

Frances said...

Following from the Military Monday blog hop!