Monday, February 21, 2011

Show Me Your Silly Face

Soon after Jason deployed, my in-laws got the kids their very own digital camera (the kind made for kids) so they could take pictures to share with daddy.  The kids have LOVED having this camera!  They take pictures of everything...and I do mean everything.  I uploaded over 1,000 pictures yesterday (and had to delete probably 500 of them because someone took pictures of the tv shows they watched, pictures of everyone of their action figures, and pictures of mommy's closet (at least that is what I think it was, ha)

I did however have quite a chuckle at some of the pictures and thought I would share a few of those with you =)
So, this blog is brought to you courtesy of my talented photographers, Jack and Madeline. (remember the kids took all these pictures so some of them are kinda blurry)This post is called: Show me your silly face (because that is they say when they want to take our pictures)  Enjoy:

Jack showing off one of his silly faces.
And another one of Jack's silly faces.

Madeline has many silly faces herself...this is just one of them ;)

Pops and Jack...those are some silly faces!

Uncle Zach must participate in the silly faces as well.

Pops sharing with us another one of his silly faces.

Granna making a silly face.

Meme showing us one of her silly faces.

Of course, I must get in on the silly faces game.

And you better believe, even daddy has to make a silly face!  =)

Now, I hope some of these silly faces made your Monday a little brighter!



Shelly said...

Those photos are too cute! My 3 year old got a digital camera for his birthday. I have to delete 90% of his photos.

Jenifer said...

Ha!! I love it! Ellie got a camera for Christmas and we end up with our fair share of silly pics! I know you cherish them though just like I do!

Kathryn said...

Cute post! :)

Nancy said...

That is hilarious!!!!
I love the blurr in all of them & the fact that they even got one of Jason. That cracks me up!!
I love everyone's participation :)

jsides said...

Love it! Lots of great memories!